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The world of cinema came into existence in the year 1895 whereas the first ever cinema theatre happened in the year 1905. However, the first movie theatre that existed in Dubai was in the year. Moreover, a place like Dubai has people from different parts of the world. The amalgamation of different cultures has encouraged the release of various films in Dubai. Initially, when cinema theatres were introduced in Dubai, Bollywood movies were shown more than Hollywood movies. The best cinema in Dubai has been interested in releasing Hollywood movies.

With the advancement of technology and the growth of the country, changes have been brought into Dubai filmmaking which has improved it even more. The best cinema in Dubai also releases Emirati short films and feature films. In the entire UAE, there are almost 145 cinema theatres whereas Dubai itself has 58 cinema theatres. Now, as the cinema industry is blooming in Dubai, the demand for better cinema theatres has kept rising. People want to have the best of their experiences while watching a movie at the theatres. Hence, we will discuss some of the best cinema in Dubai.

In Dubai, one can easily find cinema theatres in city centers and malls. To help you have the best of experiences, we have prepared a list that will help you to know about some of the best cinema in Dubai. So, next time you know which theatre to go to for relaxation and entertainment.

List of 5 best cinema in Dubai

1. Dubai Hills Mall Roxy Xtreme

Dubai Hills Mall Roxy Xtreme
Dubai Hills Mall Roxy Xtreme | Celebzero

To begin with we have the biggest cinema theatre screen in the UAE, the Roxy Xtreme. The reason behind calling it the biggest screen is that this screen is 15.1 meters wide and 28 meters high. This screen is as big as 2 tennis courts. Moreover, you can have the best time here relaxing and watching the film from Director’s Boxes.

This area of the cinema theatre can host twelve people in a private area with food served by a separate person. You can now understand why this theatre is one of the best cinema in Dubai. Apart from the big screen, this theatre has fourteen others silver and platinum services with premium food and reclined seats. The Roxy Cinemas, Dubai is located at the Hills Mall in Dubai Hills.

2. Vox outdoor

Vox outdoor
Vox outdoor | Celebzero

Along with being the best, Dubai has some aesthetic cinema theatres for its cinema-loving audience. The next one is VOX Outdoor, an aesthetically pleasing rooftop cinema theatre. With its relaxing and aesthetic ambiance, this has to be one of the best cinema in Dubai on the list. The audience gets a chance to watch the cinema under the sparkling lights of the open Dubai skyline with glittering stars.

Moreover, people ought to settle down here to experience the unique vibe of this place and enjoy watching the blockbuster. Nevertheless, this cinema theatre is located on the rooftop of The Galleria Mall. Moreover, the visual techniques used in this theatre are well-equipped with sound. People can sit back in their bean bags and comfortable couches to enjoy one of the best evenings watching a movie.

3. MX4D by Novo Cinemas

MX4D by Novo Cinemas
MX4D by Novo Cinemas | Celebzero

The third one on the list has to be Novo Cinemas’ MX4D. This is one of the best 4DX cinema theatres in Dubai. This theatre is located at the Dubai Festival City Mall. Moreover, it has the 2-time Guinness World Record-breaking laser show and light.

Along with it, there’s an eighteen-screen Novo Cinema inside the shopping center that provides MX4D. It allows its audience to experience 4D cinema in the best cinema in Dubai. The seats move along according to the on-screen action sequences. This reflects the technical advancement ensuring audiences experience the important scenes of the movie.

4. ScreenX at Reel Cinemas

ScreenX at Reel Cinemas
ScreenX at Reel Cinemas | Celebzero

To have the most cinematic experience and get immersed in the film you must visit the reel Cinemas with ScreenX. Thus, this cinema theatre offers its audience a cinema screen that is 270 degrees. This is probably the first-ever system that provides multi-projection screening.

Moreover, this is UAE’s first cinema screen that offers such a wonderful experience to its viewers. Reel Cinemas is a VIP cinema theatre in Dubai. Hence, it is also categorized under the best cinema in Dubai. This cinema theatre is located in the world’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall. These types of cinema theatres are the best to watch action films as the screen keeps its audience’s eyes glued to it.

5. Cinemacity Fountain Views

Cinemacity Fountain Views
Cinemacity Fountain Views | Celebzero

Another VIP cinema theatre is the Cinemacity Fountain Views. This cinema theatre is located in the Downtown Dubai district. It promises to be one of the best cinema in Dubai. Every Wednesday, Cinemacity Fountain Views offer ladies’ night. Along with, the best cinema experience.

As per the offer, only women customers enjoy a movie ticket, three drinks, and two rolls or appetizers just for Dhs270. However, this offer is valid from 7 pm till midnight only. This luxury cinema theatre screens all sorts of movies for its audience, along with the most comfortable seats and other services.

Thus, this was all for today’s list of the best cinema in Dubai on Moreover, Dubai has some stunning and luxurious cinema theatres to entertain its audience with food and cinema.


This list was specially curated, to bring out the names of the best cinema in Dubai. Moreover, Dubai has a big variety of cinema theatres to cater to the taste and preferences of its audience. Whether it is a VIP theatre or one with MX4D, Dubai movie theatres have a luxurious and unique ambiance that holds and attracts viewers. This allows the theatre people to serve their customers better. Also, in-theatre dining places in Dubai are sure to excite its customers. Nevertheless, you can visit the Celebzero website for more about such cinema theatres in Dubai.


Which is the biggest cinema screen in Dubai?

The biggest cinema screen in Dubai is the Roxy Xtreme at Dubai Hills Mall.

With 423 square metres of space, Roxy Xtreme is the largest screen in the area and has luxurious recliners, gourmet food, and alcoholic beverages.

Which IMAX is best in Dubai?
IMG Worlds of Adventure’s Novo Cineplex is the best IMAX in Dubai.
Which is the most luxurious cinema?
Cinepolis Luxury Cinema in La Costa, California is the most luxurious cinema.

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