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Gender-Neutral Cuteness: Explore The Best Unisex Baby Clothes

Unisex baby clothes have gained popularity in recent years, offering a practical and versatile option for parents who prefer to dress their little ones in gender-neutral attire. Matalan, a renowned retailer, recognizes the demand for unisex clothing and offers a wide range of stylish and high-quality options for parents to choose from.

Advantage of shopping for unisex baby clothes at Matalan

Matalan prides itself on providing high-quality products, and its unisex baby clothes are no exception. Designed with soft and comfortable fabrics, these garments ensure that your little one remains cozy and content throughout the day. The durability of Matalan’s clothing ensures they can withstand the inevitable wear and tear of a growing baby, ensuring they can be enjoyed for longer periods.

Another advantage of shopping for unisex baby clothes at Matalan is their affordable pricing. Matalan understands the financial challenges faced by parents, and they strive to offer competitively priced clothing without compromising on quality or style. This affordability factor makes Matalan an attractive choice for families seeking unisex baby clothes that are both fashionable and budget-friendly.

List of the best unisex baby clothes to buy from Matalan

1. Blue Elephant Fleece Baby Blanket

Blue Elephant Fleece Baby Blanket
Blue Elephant Fleece Baby Blanket | celebzero

One of the key attributes of the Blue Elephant Fleece Baby Blanket is its versatile design. The blanket showcases a charming pattern of blue elephants, appealing to both genders without relying on traditional gendered colors. 

This unisex design enables parents to use the blanket for multiple children, regardless of their sex, making it a practical choice for families planning to have more than one child. Moreover, the timeless appeal of the elephant motif ensures that the blanket remains fashionable and suitable for years to come.

When it comes to baby products, ensuring optimum comfort is of paramount importance. The Blue Elephant Fleece Baby Blanket excels in this aspect, thanks to its high-quality fleece fabric. Fleece is renowned for its exceptional softness and warmth, making it an ideal material for babies’ delicate skin.

2. 2 Pack Cream Disney Simba Bibs – One Size

One of the primary considerations when selecting baby clothing is functionality. The 2 Pack Cream Disney Simba Bibs excel in this aspect, offering optimal protection against spills, drool, and food messes. Crafted from soft and absorbent materials, these bibs effectively keep your baby’s clothing clean and dry throughout the day.

The one-size-fits-all feature of these bibs ensures a perfect fit for babies of various ages, eliminating the need for frequent replacements as your little one grows. The adjustable snap closure at the back allows for easy fastening, accommodating infants of different neck sizes and promoting a comfortable fit. This adaptability is especially valuable for families with multiple children, as the bibs can be passed down from one sibling to another.

3. Sage Baby Hats (Newborn-6mths) – Age 3 – 6 Months

Sage Baby Hats (Newborn-6mths) - Age 3 - 6 Months
Sage Baby Hats (Newborn-6mths) – Age 3 – 6 Months

Sage Baby Hats are designed with the utmost consideration for a baby’s comfort. Made from premium-quality, breathable fabrics, these hats ensure the delicate skin of your baby remains safe and irritation-free. The soft material gently embraces the baby’s head, providing warmth during cooler months and protecting their sensitive scalp from harsh weather conditions. 

The hats are carefully crafted to offer a snug fit, ensuring they stay securely in place without causing any discomfort. With their gentle elastic band, Sage Baby Hats accommodate the growth and development of babies aged 3 to 6 months, making them an ideal choice for a longer period.

4. White Baby Scratch Mitts

White Baby Scratch Mitts are crafted from soft and gentle fabrics to ensure the utmost comfort for newborns. Made from breathable cotton, these mitts are perfect for delicate baby skin, minimizing the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

These scratch mitts are available in a one-size-fits-all design, making them suitable for babies of varying ages and sizes. The elasticized cuffs ensure a snug fit, preventing the mitts from slipping off during the baby’s movement. The adjustable nature of these mitts ensures long-term usability, allowing parents to use them as their baby grows.

5. Baby Cream Peter Rabbit 3 Piece Set

Baby Cream Peter Rabbit 3 Piece Set
Baby Cream Peter Rabbit 3 Piece Set | celebzero

One of the key features of the Baby Cream Peter Rabbit 3 Piece Set is its versatility. The set comprises three essential pieces: a soft cotton onesie, cozy trousers, and a matching hat. These items can be easily mixed and matched with other pieces in a baby’s wardrobe, allowing for numerous adorable outfits. The cream color serves as a neutral base, making it effortless to pair with different accessories, such as jackets, cardigans, or socks, depending on the weather or occasion.

When it comes to baby clothing, comfort and softness are of paramount importance. The Baby Cream Peter Rabbit 3 Piece Set is crafted from high-quality, breathable cotton fabric, ensuring maximum comfort for delicate baby skin. 

The fabric is gentle to the touch, preventing irritation or discomfort, and allows for freedom of movement, essential for a growing baby. Additionally, the onesie features snap closures for easy diaper changes, enhancing convenience for parents and caregivers.


Unisex baby clothes have become a popular choice among parents who value practicality, versatility, and inclusivity. Matalan, with its wide range of stylish and affordable options, recognizes the importance of providing unisex clothing that meets the needs and preferences of modern families. By offering quality products and promoting gender equality, Matalan empowers parents to dress their babies in fashionable and gender-neutral attire, setting the stage for a more inclusive and sustainable future. For more information about unisex newborn baby clothes visit the official website of Celebzero.


How to buy unisex baby clothes without knowing the gender?
When unsure of the baby’s gender, opt for neutral colors like white, gray, yellow, or green. Choose unisex patterns and designs, such as animals, geometric shapes, or nature-themed prints. Look for clothing labeled as “gender-neutral” or “unisex.”
What is gender-neutral clothing for a baby?
Gender-neutral clothing for babies typically avoids traditional gender stereotypes and colors. It includes items like onesies, rompers, or bodysuits in neutral tones or patterns. Examples include solid-colored garments, stripes, polka dots, or prints inspired by nature or animals.
Can a baby girl wear boy clothes?
Yes, a baby girl can wear boy clothes. There are no hard and fast rules about which clothes are exclusively for boys or girls. Many parents dress their children in clothing traditionally associated with the opposite gender, allowing freedom of choice and self-expression. Ultimately, it’s up to personal preference and what makes the child comfortable.

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