The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Top Phone for Kids
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The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Top Phone for Kids

Multiple good phones are available for children on Back Market. Mobile phones comprise kid-friendly features, like parental controls, educational mobile applications and games, etc. Back Market has many budget-friendly options if you do not require advanced and fancy features on your child’s phone. You can find the top phone for kids on the platform. The phones on the portal have a minimum 12-month warranty period and provide free returns and exchanges if you are unsatisfied with the product. If you are considering purchasing a top phone for kids but are confused, you can refer to the article, which contains a list to help you find the top phone for kids. Hence, you can scroll down and read the guide.

Top phone for kids at Back Market

The first step to buying a phone for kids is the type of phone you want to purchase. A few of the top phones for kids on Back Market are as follows:

1. iPhone SE

iPhone SE
iPhone SE | celebzero

It can be the best mobile phone for kids available in black and white colors. You can buy anyone according to your choice. Launched in April 2020, iPhone SE is an ideal phone if you are searching for a powerful and affordable phone. The phone has Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 13, and a strong A13 Bionic Chip that can tackle multiple tasks efficiently. It comprises a 4.7-inch screen size, 64 GB storage capacity with 3 GB memory, 1334x750 resolution, 7 MP front-facing camera, touch identification, wireless charging, and many other features.

2. iPhone 8

It can be the best first top phone for kids, comprising an ideal blend of contemporary design and dynamic technology. For additional security, it backs wireless charging and touch identification. Before buying anyone from the Back Market, you can check out the reviews and feedback from other customers. The features of the iPhone 8 include 4.7-inch screen size, 64 GB storage capacity, Retina HD screen type, 750×1334 resolution, 12 megapixels, 2 GB memory, 12 MP camera, A11 bionic chip, etc. The phone’s body is composed of aluminium and is resistant to dust and water with a long-lasting battery. The phone is available in red, space grey, silver, and gold colour.

3. Samsung Galaxy A21

Samsung Galaxy A21
Samsung Galaxy A21 | celebzero

It is one of the best phone deals top phone for kids, with a 6.5-inch screen, 32 GB storage, 3 GB memory, 48 megapixels, and 720×1600 resolution, among other features. The 20:9 display ratio makes the phone apt for watching educational films and playing educational games. The 48 MP QUAD camera enables you to click beautiful pictures and videos. For additional security, the Samsung Galaxy A21 has a fingerprint scanner. The phone’s 5000mAh battery can last approximately two days even if you charge the phone only once in two days. It backs quick charging, and you do not have to wait longer to get your phone running. It is available in blue, white, black, and red colors.

4. Samsung Galaxy A21 Dual SIM

It is the top phone for kids, available in blue, white, and black colors. The Samsung Galaxy A21 Dual SIM comprises a 6.5 screen size, 32 GB storage, 48 megapixels, 4G network, quadruple camera, SD card slot, and dual SIM facility, among other features. Its slim design lets you carry the mobile phone anywhere. The display provides an expandable view of whatever content you are viewing, so children can enjoy watching educational content and playing games with clarity. A top phone for kids has a 48 MP triple rear camera letting you click gorgeous pictures and videos. The cameras have features like live focus and screen optimiser to capture good images.

5. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G | celebzero

It is a top phone for kids, available in dual and single SIM. The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G  is the newest mobile phone with fascinating features. It is available in blue, white, and black colours. Whether you want to purchase a dual or single SIM is entirely your choice. The mobile phone has a 6.5 GB screen size, 128 GB storage capacity, 6 GB memory, 64 megapixels, eight processor core, 2400 x 1080 resolution, etc. This top phone for kids has a 4500mAh battery that backs quick charging and a 64 MP quad camera setup. The contemporary design, shiny finish, and sleek profile make it easy to hold and store.


Are you considering buying a phone for your child, or which phone is the best for your child? You can view the Back Market if you are searching for a top phone for kids. Purchasing a phone for your child from the Back Market is a good option because its platform has top phones for kids. The prices are reasonable, and the Back Market provides a warranty to secure your kid’s phone. Back Market is an apt platform to buy phones for kids because the products are reasonably priced, decent, and warranty-backed. The platform has phones from some of the top brands.  For further information about the top phone for kids, refer to the guides on Back Market and the official website of Celebzero


Which phone is best for a child?
Many phones for kids are available in the market. You can choose anyone according to convenience and budget. When selecting a phone for a child, considering the child’s age is necessary. Suppose your child is below 13 years. In that case, you can buy them a phone with restricted features because advanced features might divert their attention from unimportant things and entice them. Basic mobile phones are simple to use and cheaper.
What mobile phone is best for an 11 year old?
A basic feature mobile phone is ideal for an 11 year old. Such phones are also known as Dumb phones and do not have an Internet connection, eradicating the consumption of unimportant content. Such phones are cheap, and in case they are lost or broken, you can replace or repair them effortlessly. Moreover, you can put parental controls on such mobiles to restrict incoming and outgoing calls and keep track of what your child is doing on the phone.
What is the safest phone for a child?
A basic mobile phone without fancy features and on which you can trace what kind of content a child is consuming is safe for a child.

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