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Achieve Comfort And Easy Storing With The North Face Backpacks

Starting your first semester at university? Or is your child’s bag too small for all the books? Don’t fret, because here is a delightful solution for your needs- The North Face Backpacks! From helping us carry our useful items to becoming a stylish addition to our outfits, backpacks do it all. Whether it’s school students or an enthusiastic hiker, backpacks are key necessities for so many people. But when it comes to purchasing the right kind of bag, it can be a perplexing decision. But not anymore! Keep reading to find five The North Face backpack recommendations to help make bag shopping an easier experience for you. 

Why shop at JD Sports? 

JD Sports is the perfect go-to for all your sporting needs. Whether it’s bags, accessories, shoes, or clothing, it’s got you covered! With items from top ranking brands like Nike, Puma, and Levi’s, JD Sports is a one stop shop with wide ranging and top notch products. The website is handy and easy to use, segregated into the men’s, women’s, and kids section. So now, family shopping is a trouble-free experience!

About the north face backpacks 

The North Face backpacks are known for being spacious, comfortable and secure. Planning for a long hike? Or do you want to keep your laptop safe while traveling to work? All your needs are taken care of by The North Face. From laptop backpacks, commuter backpacks, hiking backpacks to classic backpacks- you will find it all right here!

5 north face backpacks that can be your next buy

Are you considering some new additions to your backpack catalog? Then how about these five recommendations- 

1. The North Face Borealis Backpack

The North Face Borealis Backpack
The North Face Borealis Backpack | celebzero

A perfect blend of green, blue, and orange, this The North Face Borealis backpack is an ideal companion for a hike or a short trip. With multiple compartments and zip pockets, you can easily store your essential items without worrying about them getting lost. 

If you feel like carrying your textbooks or laptop for classes, you can consider this bag for that too! Moreover, you do not need to worry about the rain causing damage to your electronics because this backpack is absolutely waterproof.

2. The North Face Bozer Mini Backapck

Available in colors- black and pink, this cute mini backpack is a great choice for the low-effort days. Whether it’s a small errand to the nearby store or a leisurely walk at the park, This backpack is suitable for storing small items like water bottles, mobile phones, cards, cash, makeup essentials like lipstick, etc. 

This polyester bag is 100% water-repellant and the small zippered compartments and adjustable straps. This North Face Backpack proves that carrying items can be hassle free and effortless.

3. The North Face Juniors’ Mini Recon Backpack

The North Face Juniors’ Mini Recon Backpack
The North Face Juniors’ Mini Recon Backpack | celebzero

Are summer vacations almost over? If your little one is in need of a new bag, then this Mini Recon Backpack is an excellent option. The back panel is padded to ensure that the child’s back doesn’t have too much strain. 

A buckle is included to keep the front pocket secure so if the kids get too excited the stuff won’t fall out of the bag! A pop of pink gives a vibrant touch to the bag. Finally, the look is completed with a white colored- The North Face logo.

4. The North Face Bozer Cinch Pack

Upcoming picnic or a weekend trek? Then how about this cinch pack? In addition to its versatile functionality, this bag also gives one a sporty and trendy look. With this Bozer Cinch Pack, it is easy to carry your small items like mobile phone, chargers, and snacks. 

The compartments are secured with drawstrings and are easy to open, making the bag a reliable must-have.

5. The North Face Explore Fusebox s Daypack

The North Face Explore Fusebox s Daypack
The North Face Explore Fusebox s Daypack | celebzero

Your bag collection needs this stylish bright yellow addition! Whether it’s a hiking trip with your friends or a normal school day, it’s got your ‘back’. No literally! The multiple carrying options that come with this bag ensure that you do not need to put unnecessary strain on your shoulders all the time. 

The roomy compartment allows you to carry multiple things without any worries. 

These are just a few options; for more, please visit JD Sports’ website.


Backpacks are a permanent necessity. Choosing the right bag without compromising on quality is essential. With a diverse range of options, one is bound to feel confused. But not when you have JD Sports. JD Sports ensures that the demands of its customers are satisfied. By providing a plethora of affordable and top quality products, JD Sports promises a convenient shopping experience. One such example is the North Face backpacks. So, whenever you feel like upgrading your bag, go through our suggestions above for clarity! For more information, visit Celebzero


Are The North Face backpacks worth it?
The North Face backpacks are known to be the product of extensive research and innovation. These backpacks are carefully curated to provide comfort and support for various kinds of needs making them an A1 option. This high-end brand makes sure to provide customers with good quality bags catering to their different requirements. 
Are The North Face backpacks expensive?
Although the price of a backpack depends upon its material and category, most backpacks and accessories on The North face are quite expensive. Ranging between 49-400 Canadian Dollars. The high price of the bags makes up for their quality, durability and convenience. 
Where is The North Face based?
The North Face is based in America. It was started in San Francisco by Douglas Tompkins. It is under the VF corporation which has many other subsidiaries including Vans, Timberland, and Supreme. 

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