Stay In Trend And Elevate Your Wardrobe With Short Cut Sweaters

The short cut sweater, a contemporary twist on traditional knitwear, has fleetly become a fashion fave for its chic appeal. With its cropped length, generally resting above the waist, this trendy garment easily blends comfort and style. Made with cosy fabric like wool, cashmere, or soft fabric, short cut sweaters give warmth without sacrificing breathability. Their rigidity in styling is unmatched, seamlessly transitioning from casual, laid-back aesthetics with high-waisted jeans to polished ensembles when concentrated over shirts or paired with trousers.

Available in an array of patterns and designs, short cut sweaters offer a canvas for fashion trials, adding flair to any wardrobe. Whether you are embracing casual cool for weekend jaunts or elevating formal vesture for the office, the short cut sweater proves to be a protean and flattering choice, emphasizing the waist and making a statement in any season.

Types of short cut sweater

Cropped Crew Neck Sweater

A classic short cut sweater with a crew neckline, furnishing a versatile look. Perfect for casual days or layering with multiple outfits.

Off-Shoulder Short Sweater

Adding a touch of flair, off-shoulder short sweaters showcase the shoulders for a more trendy style. They’re frequently worn casually or for a night out.

Turtleneck Crop Sweater

Combining the complication of a turtleneck with the ultramodern appeal of a cropped figure, these sweaters offer warmth and style. Ideal for both casual and semi-formal settings.

V- Neck Cropped Sweater

Featuring a V-shaped neckline, these sweaters give a flattering and protracting effect. Short-cut V-neck sweaters can be dressed up or down, making them a protean addition to any wardrobe.

Bell Sleeve Short Sweater

Characterized by burned or bell-shaped sleeves, this style adds a touch of drama to the short cut sweater. Suitable for those who want to make a bold fashion statement.

Wrap Front Cropped Sweater

With a serape or crossover front design, these sweaters produce a swish and dynamic look. The serape detail adds visual interest and can be worn for colourful occasions.

Balloon Sleeve Short Sweater

Characterized by substantial, balloon-shaped sleeves, this style brings a touch of drama to the short-cut figure. Suitable for those who want to make a bold fashion statement.

Top Trendy Short Cut Sweater

1. Stradivarius knitted sweater in cherry red

Stradivarius knitted sweater in cherry red
Stradivarius knitted sweater in cherry red

The Stradivarius knitted sweater in cherry red comes in chic knits with its sophisticated design and vibrant tinge. The high-necked figure adds an elegant touch, furnishing both style and warmth during colder seasons. Its long-sleeved construction ensures ample content, making it an ideal choice for cosy comfort. The ribbed ends add subtle texture and detail, elevating the overall aesthetic.

2. Threadbare Isabella high neck bouclé sweater in black and white

The Threadbare Isabella high neck bouclé sweater in black and white is a testament to the fact that comfort has noway looked so good. Its nonstop pattern in differing tones exudes a dateless fineness that easily captures attention. The high-necked design adds a touch of complication while furnishing fresh warmth during cooler seasons. With long sleeves and a regular fit, this sweater strikes the perfect balance between style and ease of movement.

3. COLLUSION – Short sweater in anthracite with a frayed hem in a used look

COLLUSION – Short sweater in anthracite with a frayed hem in a used look
COLLUSION – Short sweater in anthracite with a frayed hem in a used look

The conspiracy short sweater in anthracite, exclusive to ASOS, effortlessly blends civic edge with contemporary faculty. Featuring a crew neck and long sleeves, it exudes a protean charm suitable for colourful occasions. The shortcut and regular fit contribute to an ultramodern figure, creating a dynamic and swish aesthetic. What sets this sweater piecemeal is its rasped verge in a used look, adding a touch of rebellious enthusiasm to the overall design.

4. ASOS DESIGN cropped cable knit sweater in cream

The ASOS DESIGN cropped string knit sweater in cream easily redefines the notion that comfort can not be synonymous with style. This sharp garment combines cosy warmth with a fashion-forward edge. The high-necked design not only adds a touch of complication but also provides redundant warmth during chilly seasons. The overcut shoulders contribute to a relaxed and ultramodern figure, allowing for both comfort and an on-trend aesthetic.

Styling Short Cut Sweaters For Women

  • High-Waisted Bottoms

Brace your short cut sweater with high-waisted jeans, trousers, or skirts. This combination not only accentuates the midriff but also balances the cropped length, creating a trendy and flattering figure.

  • Layering with Dresses

Try with layering by wearing a short cut sweater over a dress. This works particularly well with sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses, transforming your summer wardrobe into swish fall or downtime outfits.

  • Pencil Skirts for a Polished Look

Tuck a short-cut sweater into a high-waisted pencil skirt for a polished and sophisticated ensemble. Add heels to elevate the look, making it suitable for office or semi-formal events.

  • Wide-Leg Pants for Comfort and Style

Create a laid-back yet fashionable look by pairing your short cut sweater with wide-leg pants. This combination exudes comfort and casual enthusiasm, perfect for a day of errands or coffee with musketeers.

  • Accessorize with Statement Belts

Elevate your short cut sweater look by adding a statement belt. securing the sweater at the midriff with a bold belt not only adds description but also brings attention to the cropped style.

  • Layering with Blazers

For a more polished and structured look, subcast your shortcut sweater with an acclimatized blazer. This combination is perfect for business casual settings or when you want to add a touch of complication.


The short cut sweater has firmly established itself as a must-have-have in the realm of fashion. Its versatility, comfort, and capability to easily blend with colourful styles make it a go-to choice for individuals looking to stay cosy without immolating their sense of style. Whether you are an addict of casual cool or prefer to elevate your formal vesture, the short-cut sweater from ASOS proves that fashion and comfort can indeed go hand in hand. Embrace the appeal of the short-cut sweater and make it a chief in your wardrobe – the perfect companion for the changing seasons.

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Are cropped sweaters still in style?
Yes, cropped sweaters remain in style and continue to be a popular fashion choice. They offer a versatile and ultramodern look, allowing for colourful styling options. The key is to find the right figure and brace it with reciprocal pieces to produce a swish ensemble.
How do you style a short sweater?
Short sweaters can be styled in multiple ways. For a casual look, pair them with high-waisted jeans or films. For a more polished appearance, tuck them into high-waisted skirts or pants. Layering over dresses, adding statement accessories, and experimenting with different bottoms are also effective styling ways.
How do you shorten a sweater?
  • Put on the sweater and mark the asked length with legs or chalk.
  • Take off the sweater and lay it flat on your face.
  • Cut along the marked line, ensuring an even cut.
  • Finish the abbreviated edge by hemming or using a serger to help unravel.
  • Try on the sweater to ensure the asked length is achieved.


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