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Discover Why Round Area Rugs Are Reshaping Living Room Design

Beyond being mere floor coverings, round area rugs bring an added level of versatility as decor pieces that elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any space. In contrast to rectangular or square counterparts, their circular design adds a unique visual interest while also providing balance; it’s no wonder interior designers and homeowners are fans! Rounded shapes add fluidity and softness – transforming ambiance for both inviting comfort and cohesive elegance. 

Round rug use is particularly fantastic in breaking linear monotony or adding surprises within angular spaces through focal points anchoring furniture arrangements & defining areas in open-plan rooms. Their ability to fit seamlessly into various settings including living/dining/bedrooms/chic entryways/outdoor spots makes them highly versatile with countless styles/patterns/colors available fitting every home style perfectly. 

Why Are Round Area Rugs Good for You?

Enhancing Visual Appeal

The circular form of a round area rug is deemed as one of the top reasons why it’s worth considering. It can bring about a significant change in how your room appears. By introducing this shape, you can break away from any sharp geometric patterns and structures that may give off an uninviting atmosphere or uneasy ambiance; instead, creating a sense of continuity within its boundaries along with an overall uplifting feel. 

Creating Illusions of Space

Round area rugs work wonders in cramped spaces like small rooms or apartments where the availability of area is limited. They imbue a sense of spaciousness by blurring out harsh corners and lending gentle curves to the room, thus granting an impression that it’s more expansive than its actual size. 

Softening the Ambiance

In rooms with modern or minimalist aesthetics where straight lines and hard surfaces abound, a round area rug can impart an aura of warmth through its curved contours. Its ability to offset rigidity by introducing a soft contrast makes it useful in adding comfort and approachability to any given space.

Highlighting Furniture Arrangements

Round area rugs are an ideal way to accentuate and establish particular furniture placements. For instance, in a living room setting, placing a round rug can provide the foundation for seating areas that emphasize conducive conversation spots. 

Suitable for Various Styles

Round area rugs offer a substantial benefit as they are versatile enough to fit various interior design styles. Regardless of whether your living space boasts a contemporary, traditional, bohemian, or eclectic style, you can select from an array of round rug designs that seamlessly blend in and enrich your preferred aesthetic. 

Practical Benefits

Round area rugs serve not only as a decorative addition but also offer numerous practical advantages. They ensure comfortable footing in places where you tend to remain upright for extended periods like the kitchen or bathroom. Besides providing cushioning underfoot, they act as a safeguard against scratches and damages that can occur on floors located in high-traffic areas; consequently increasing their lifespan significantly. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Keeping round area rugs clean and well-maintained is usually effortless. Most of these rugs are crafted from sturdy fabrics that can withstand frequent vacuuming and spot treatment with ease. Moreover, there are some options available in the market that you can machine wash to remove stubborn dirt or stains conveniently – an excellent feature for homes where kids or pets reside! 

Adding Warmth and Comfort

Round area rugs offer more than just aesthetics; they provide a cozy and comfortable ambiance to any room. They can make the space appear warm and welcoming, especially during chilly seasons where their softness offers extra insulation while serving as a plush surface for walking on.

Round Area Rugs at Raymour & Flanigan

1. McGrath Area Rug

McGrath Area Rug | Celebzero
McGrath Area Rug | Celebzero

Featuring a chic pattern and neutral colors that coordinate well with both traditional and modern interiors, this piece seamlessly fits into your decor scheme. The plush pile offers superior comfort underfoot while adding warmth and coziness to wherever you place it within your home’s layout options—choose from various sizes ranging up through 8ft rounds—to suit different room dimensions perfectly! Discover a wide range of stylish and functional round area rugs to enhance your home decor.

2. Jasmine Area Rug

Jasmine Area Rug | Celebzero
Jasmine Area Rug | Celebzero

It resists everyday wear and tear while shining brightly. Its intricate blooms make this rug an eye-catching feature that complements diverse decor styles – be they classic or modern. Available in various dimensions (including 8 ft round), it’s perfect for spacious rooms requiring a bold accent piece. The Jasmine Area Rug imbues your home with sophistication without sacrificing practicality; upkeep is low-key but effective long-term results are guaranteed. Shop now to find the ideal round area rug that complements your interior style and needs. 

3. Amelia Area Rug

Amelia Area Rug | Celebzero
Amelia Area Rug | Celebzero

For those who admire modern aesthetics, the Amelia Area Rug is an excellent selection. Its contemporary abstract motif and understated color palette imbue a refined grace into any space. Crafted from top-tier synthetic fibers, this rug boasts exceptional longevity – making it ideal for high-traffic households with frequent use. The versatility of its abstract design and neutral hues allows seamless integration with various decor styles ranging from eclectic to cutting-edge chic. This rug comes in different dimensions including a 6 ft circle area – which makes it adaptable when utilised in living rooms, bedrooms, or offices alike; creating a perfect fit every time! Transform Your Space Today! 

4. Cabana II Area Rug

Cabana II Area Rug | Celebzero
Cabana II Area Rug | Celebzero

The Cabana II Area Rug evokes a tropical appeal that infuses your living space with an outdoor charm. Constructed from synthetic fibers, this rug endures harsh environments and is ideally suited for patios, decks, or other outside retreats. Equally apropos indoors especially in sunrooms and relaxed social spaces; the vibrant design creates an engaging ambiance fused with bold patterns of color which adds fun energy to any location. The area rugs are available in multiple dimensions including 6 ft round options suitable for use anywhere you need radiance sprucing up décor instantly! Find Your Perfect Round Rug!


Round area rugs are an excellent way to enhance the style and versatility of your living space. These decorative pieces offer various advantages, such as visually enlarging rooms or adding warmth and comfort. With options like the sophisticated McGrath Area Rug, timeless Jasmine Area Rug, modern Amelia Area Rug, or bold Cabana II Area Rug – each with its unique transformational abilities available on Raymour & Flanigan.
To choose the ideal round area rug that complements your décor and suits you, take into account factors like material, size, comfort level, maintenance requirements as well as features such as color and pattern. Discover the allure of circular floor rugs while infusing functionality to enhance your home’s ambiance with these exquisite yet practical pieces.

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How Big Should Round Area Rugs Be?
To ensure a perfect fit with the room’s proportions and furniture layout, it is recommended to match the size of a circular rug accordingly. For instance, if you have smaller spaces such as entryways or coffee tables, 6 ft round rugs are ideal; while larger areas like dining rooms or living rooms look best with an anchor seating arrangement offered by an 8-foot-sized round rug.
Where Does a Round Rug Look Good?
Living rooms appear attractive with round rugs positioned under coffee tables, while dining areas exude elegance when paired with circular-shaped floor coverings and bedrooms seem more inviting when the rug is placed beside or partially beneath beds. Similarly, entryways become warmer and welcoming upon introducing these uniquely styled pieces of décor whereas outdoor spaces like patios transform into stylish comfort zones due to their placement on floors.
Do Round Rugs Make a Room Look Bigger?
Round rugs can give the impression of a larger room. With its curved outlines, it creates a smooth visual movement that lessens sharp edges and attracts one’s gaze around the area, ultimately resulting in perceived openness and expansiveness.


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