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Stadium Goods Curated Collection: The New Balance 990 Series

The New Balance 990 is a shoe that shows how much the company cares about making things well, having a modern look, and maintaining its reputation for a long time. This enduring trainer has skillfully combined usefulness with classic style since its beginnings, solidifying its status as a cultural symbol and basic piece of footwear. The New Balance 990 has been around for a while and shows how the company is serious about making really good shoes that work well and look nice. Because it’s made especially with careful attention, it’s not just a regular sports shoe anymore; it’s something special that shows realness and luxury. 

The 990 continues to win the hearts of people who value the seamless combination of comfort, style, and functionality in one enduring package as an embodiment of New Balance’s legacy. Stadium Goods offers the best selection of New Balance 990 sneakers.

Top 5 New Balance 990 shoes available on Stadium Goods:

1. 990 v6 Grey

990 v6 Grey
990 v6 Grey

The New Balance 990 v6 “Grey” was released in November 2022 as the sixth generation of the well-liked New Balance 990 series. The 990 v6 follows the 990 v5 from 2019 and builds on its tradition while exhibiting some design improvements, most notably a strong and substantial sole unit. The shoe’s upper is made of a sleek grey mesh material and has subdued overlays of matching suede and leather. Both sides of the shoe are adorned with the recognizably grey ‘N’ emblem, and the legendary ‘990’ branding is tastefully positioned on the lateral heel. This grey New Balance 990 is one of the finest shoes you will ever own.

2. 990 V2 Kith Cyclades

The Kith x New Balance 990 V2 ‘Cyclades’ is the result of an exclusive partnership between Ronnie Fieg’s well-known sneaker store and New Balance. It perfectly captures the spirit of Kith’s 10th anniversary as well as the 40th anniversary of the 990 model. It features a stunning tri-color block suede top that harmoniously pairs an orange suede toe, a cream suede mid-panel, and a teal suede heel. The iconic New Balance “N” insignia is displayed on each side of the sneaker, and the light grey perforated collar adds a pleasant contrast. The “990” and “Made in the USA” markings are embroidered on the tongue, adding dimension to the design. A special anniversary “KXTH” logo is featured on the heel to signify this joyous cooperation.

3. 990V4 JJJJound

990V4 JJJJound
990V4 JJJJound

The JJJJound x New Balance 990 V4 “Navy/Black” is a prime example of how well Justin Saunders’ minimalist Montreal company and New Balance’s casual shoe style work together. Released in October 2021, this iteration of the New Balance 990 V4 encapsulates JJJJound’s subdued style, characterized by its thoughtful and understated elements. The upper features a black mesh base with sections of navy suede that subtly contrast the otherwise dark design. The subtle “JJJJound” marking on the heel gives an authentic touch, and the “990” detailing adorns the lateral heel. The American Flag detailing on the tongue pays homage to its manufacturing origins, seamlessly harmonizing minimalist design with intricate detailing.

4. 990 V3 Patta

The Patta x New Balance 990 V3 is a collaboration between the Amsterdam-based boutique and New Balance, offering an earthy colourway. Dual “P” and “Made in USA” detailing accentuate the heel, while the original “New Balance USA” branding adorns the tongue.  With an olive green mesh base and tonal suede overlays, the New Balance 990 v3 features a grey “N” logo on each side and silver “Patta” branding on the heel. The two-tone midsole, cream at the forefoot and grey with speckles at the heel, completes the look, presenting a harmonious blend of design elements from both brands.

5. 990V5 Black / Gold

990V5 Black / Gold
990V5 Black / Gold

A distinguished replica of the famous 990 series’ fifth incarnation, the New Balance 990v5 “Black / Gold” exudes a chic design. This version creates a sophisticated contrast between its sleek black mesh upper and opulent gold accents. The shoe keeps the traditional “N” emblem on each side in a muted black, and the gold accents give the design a hint of grandeur. The 990v5 is not only a fashionable alternative, but also a dependable choice for long-lasting wear thanks to its well-cushioned midsole. The New Balance 990v5 is a shoe tailored for sophisticated men who value both style and substance in their footwear. It was created with a masculine sensibility.


The New Balance 990 is a great example of a shoe that’s always stylish, made well, and made to be good for both sports and looking good. For those looking to explore this iconic series, Stadium Goods offers an exceptional selection of New Balance 990 models, serving as a hub for enthusiasts and collectors alike. The 990 series has developed into more than just a line of trainers, representing authenticity, adaptability, and timeless appeal with each new version that builds on its illustrious past. The iconic design features of this product, such as the recognizable “N” logo and the careful attention to detail, attest to its standing as a cultural classic that is timeless and unaffected by fads and generations. For more information on the new Balance 990, visit Celebzero.


Why are New Balance 990s so popular?
The New Balance 990’s success can be ascribed to its flawless mix of classic style and modern functionality. The series is a favorite among athletes and anyone looking for everyday comfort since it constantly provides outstanding comfort and support. The 990 has also been able to defy trends thanks to its classic shape and modest design, appealing to a broad variety of customers who appreciate both elegance and performance in their footwear.
Is the size of the New Balance 990v5 generally larger or smaller?
Most people find that the New Balance 990v5 fits comfortably and true to size, keeping with their usual shoe size. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that foot form and personal preferences might have an impact on fit. Going up a half size may give some people a little more room, especially if they like a roomier fit or want to wear thicker socks
Can I run with New Balance 990s?
Yes, you can run in New Balance 990s, especially the more recent models like the 990v5, which are made with a comfort and support balance that is appropriate for light to moderate running. Even though they might not have the specialized qualities of dedicated running shoes, their stability, and cushioning can nonetheless give casual runners a respectable running experience. 

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