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A Beginner’s Guide To Masking Tape: Everything You Need To Know

Masking tape is a versatile and cost-effective tool for a wide range of home improvement projects, from wall painting to craft projects. At Wickes, we offer a selection of masking tape in different sizes and materials, making it easy to find the perfect tape for your project. Whether you’re looking for strong, long-lasting tape for outdoor projects or colorful tape for a creative task, there’s a masking tape for you.

With a range of masking tape options available, you can choose from different sizes and materials, including paper, plastic, and cloth. Paper masking tape is perfect for a range of light-duty tasks, such as wall painting, crafting, and model-making. Plastic tape is a great choice for outdoor projects and tougher tasks.

List of Masking Tape available on Wickes:

This tape is great for wall painting. It’s easy to apply and remove, making it ideal for creating straight lines, patterns, and shapes. When it comes to creating wall paint designs with masking tape, the possibilities are endless. From geometric shapes and stripes to intricate designs, masking tape will help you to achieve a professional finish.

This tape is also ideal for craft projects. You can use it to create stencils for painting and fabric work or to apply decorations to paper and cards. This tape is also great for creating intricate and detailed designs on fabric, such as freehand drawings and patterns.

This tape is a great tool for a variety of projects, from wall painting to craftwork. Wickes offers a selection of masking tape in different sizes and materials, so you can find the perfect tape for your project. With this tape, you can create beautiful wall paint designs with tape, or use liquid masking tape to achieve a unique reverse-painted effect. Here is a list of the top 5 Masking Tape:

1. FrogTape Painter’s Gloss & Satin Orange Masking Tape

Masking Tape
FrogTape Painter’s Gloss Satin Orange Masking Tape | CelebZero

FrogTape Painter’s Gloss & Satin Orange Masking Tape is an ideal masking tape for painting and decorating projects. It features a unique paint block technology that prevents paint bleed and gives crisp, clean lines every time. The tape is removable up to 21 days after application, making it perfect for a range of interior and exterior applications. 

The unique paint block technology also helps to ensure that your paint does not bleed through the masking tape, giving you a beautifully finished paint job every time. This tape is ideal for use on a range of surfaces, from walls to windows, and will help you achieve professional-looking results with minimal effort. 

2. Multi-Surface Cream Masking Tape – 24mm x 50m

Masking Tape is an essential tool for any DIY job, and Wickes’ Multi-Surface Cream Masking Tape is the ideal choice for protecting surfaces from damage during painting and decorating. This easy-to-use, multi-surface tape sticks to almost any surface and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as providing a neat, clean line between surfaces.

The unique adhesive formula also allows you to easily remove the tape after use with no residue left behind. Plus, this tape features a low-tack backing, so it won’t damage delicate surfaces such as wallpaper or freshly painted walls.  

3. FrogTape Multi-Surface Green Masking Tape 

Masking Tape
FrogTape Multi-Surface Green Masking Tape | CelebZero

FrogTape Multi-Surface Green Masking Tape is a great choice for all your DIY projects. This versatile tape can be used for many tasks, from masking off areas for painting or decorating to creating neat edges or lines. With its patented PaintBlock technology, it provides a unique seal that helps prevent paint bleed for sharp paint lines every time.

It can be used indoors and outdoors on surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, brick, and more, making it highly versatile. It also features a thick backing that helps reduce the amount of time spent taping and provides a stronger, more reliable hold. With its superior adhesion, it can be used in temperatures up to 60°C without losing its grip. 

4. Multi-Surface Cream Masking Tape – 48mm x 50m

Masking Tape is an essential tool for any DIY project and Multi-Surface Cream Masking Tape from Wickes is a great option for a range of tasks. This tape is suitable for a variety of surfaces, including wallpaper, painted walls, windows, and tiles, making it ideal for DIYers of any skill level. With its strong adhesive backing, it is perfect for creating sharp edges and crisp lines, as well as for protecting surfaces from paint splatter. 

Whether you are painting a room, covering windows, or doing any other kind of DIY, Masking Tape is a must-have tool. With Wickes Multi-Surface Cream Masking Tape, you can easily and effectively mask off any surface you wish to protect. The strong adhesive backing of this tape ensures that it won’t budge or slip, allowing you to create precise lines and edges. This versatile tape can be used on wallpaper, painted walls, tiles, and glass.

5. FrogTape Delicate Surface Yellow Masking Tape 

Masking Tape
FrogTape Delicate Surface Yellow Masking Tape | CelebZero

FrogTape Delicate Surface Yellow Masking Tape is an ideal choice for delicate surfaces like wallpaper, freshly painted walls, and even freshly sanded wood. It has proprietary PaintBlock Technology, a highly absorbent polymer that when in contact with latex paint reacts and immediately gels to create a micro-barrier that closes the tape’s edges. preventing paint bleed. 

This tape is also easy to remove, leaving no residue behind. Plus, it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use, making it a great choice for any project. It is great for a variety of needs, especially when it comes to delicate surfaces. With FrogTape Delicate Surface Yellow Masking Tape, you get the best of both worlds – a reliable and durable tape that won’t damage delicate surfaces or leave any residue.


Masking tape from Wickes is an excellent choice for all your sealing, masking, and decorating needs. Its strong, durable adhesive makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and its wide variety of colors ensures that you can find the perfect tape to match your project. For more information about masking tape wall paint design ideas with tape visit the official website of Celebzero.


How long can masking tape be left on?
Masking tape can be left on for up to 3 months with no ill effects on the surfaces to it is adhered to. After that, it should be removed and replaced if necessary.
What does masking tape not stick to?
Masking tape does not stick well to surfaces that are highly textured, very glossy, or extremely oily.
What is the importance of masking tape?
A masking tape is an essential tool for many crafts, projects, and repairs. It is an easy-to-use adhesive tape that can be used for a variety of purposes, including painting, labeling, and securing items. 
How do you take care of masking tape?
To take care of masking tape, store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep it away from humid areas, such as bathrooms for basements.

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