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MAP Sensor: Regular the Functionality of Your Vehicle

There are many parts and components in a car or a vehicle that keep the engine running. One crucial part that every car owner needs to have is the MAP Sensor. The MAP sensor is one of the vital components in any engine’s electronic control system. This is a crucial component in a vehicle that is typically found in fuel-injected engines. It’s also one of the sensors that an engine control module uses to calculate fuel injection. This calculation helps the engine to have an optimal air-fuel ratio by frequently monitoring the amount of intake manifold pressure information. 

For any modern automotive technology, the MAP sensor can help your vehicle run smoothly. A car owner should not keep their car at its maximum operation until the MAP sensor is not working properly. The MAP sensor is also known by different names; you should not get confused if you happen to come across some different terminologies. Such as Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, Engine Load Sensor, Pressure Senor, and Boost Sensor. 

A vehicle engine uses a pressure sensor which is fuel injected. Without this tool, the engine control system cannot provide accurate manifold pressure information. It also helps the drivers to know about the required fuel delivery for maximum combustion. In some cases it’s either the MAP sensor or a pressure sensor is used to detect the precise intake of airflow. 

Additional Primary Functions of MAP Sensor

  1. Optimise Fuel Delivery: Apart from monitoring the airflow, optimizing the fuel delivery is another primary function of the MAP sensor. It will help the driver to determine the accurate air-fuel mixture. When the right amount of air entering the engine is determined, the fuel injection maintains the right stoichiometric ratio. This is also crucial for sufficient air combustion and fuel economy. 
  2. Enhanced Performance and Emission: The MAP sensor plays an important role in regulating the performance of the engine. The MAP sensor then assists the regular flow of power input and output. The engine then meets the right emission by controlling the process of engine combustion. 
  3. Adaptability: The MAP sensor also comes in handy in many situations by helping the engine to adapt to different changing conditions. For instance, the MAP sensor can monitor the air-fuel mixture in real time depending on external factors like engine load, altitude, and temperature. 
  4. Disgonistic: The MAP sensor helps the drivers diagnose the condition of the engine. It reads the throttle performance, and the performance of the turbo, and also detects the leaks in the inlet manifold. This is so crucial for those drivers who drive for longer hours and who are working in a car service. During the long journey, the tool can analyze engine failure in advance. This will prevent the car from stopping in the middle of nowhere due to engine failure. 

MAP Sensors for Engine Control Systems 

Having the right MAP sensor is crucial for all modern automotive vehicles. That is why AUTODOC brings some high-quality MAP sensors. 

1. Abakus 120-08-033 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor 

Abakus 120-08-033 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor 
Abakus 120-08-033 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor | celebzero

When your car is not able to detect the right flow of air in the engine and the right detection of fuel emissions, you need a good MAP sensor. Check out this Abakus 120=08-033 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor made for any type of modern electronic engine control system. This tool is in top condition and the customers can expect full functionality of the engine with this tool. If your car has a specific electronic control system, check more details on the product on Autodoc to see the tool compatibility.

2 ABAKUS Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor 

ABAKUS Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor 
ABAKUS Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor | celebzero

The ABAKUS Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor comes with an integrated air temperature sensor. If your MAP sensor does not have an air temperature sensor this is a must-buy top-quality tool for most electronic automobile engine control systems.  The tool has four pins supplemented by a KPA pressure of 11 and a KPA pressure of about 10. It’s compatible with the passenger cars Citroen, Fiat, and Peugeot. 

This is an advanced tool for regulating the proper fuel emission and for detecting fuel combustion as well. It can also diagnose the issues with the engine when the airflow or the fuel emissions are not working well.  

3. ABAKUS 120-08-023 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor 

ABAKUS 120-08-023 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor 
ABAKUS 120-08-023 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor | celebzero

If you are looking for an advanced MAP sensor tool for your car the ABAKUS 120-08-023 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor is what you are looking for and it’s highly compatible with many electronic passenger cars. Some of these cars are Chevrolet, Daewoo, Fiat, Opel, and Renault. It comes with the fully functional capacity to regulate the condition of the engine in different conditions. The tool also ensures the drivers get the right detection of sufficient airflow and the right amount of fuel emissions. 


For varieties of MAP sensors for automobile cars visit AUTODOC’s collection of car tools. Other necessary car accessories are crucial for high car maintenance. Knowing that it’s an important car accessory to keep the right maintenance of your car, you might need to consider the quality first. AUTODOC brings high-quality products for car accessories at affordable prices. So if you are budget-friendly car owners, AUTODOC is the right place for you where you can save money by paying less on car accessories. For more information visit CelebZero


What does a MAP sensor do in a car?
They are the main parts of the engine’s electronic control unit. They are responsible for detecting the circulation of air density and keeping track of the engine’s air mass flow rate. This is crucial for determining the required amount for fuel delivery. 
What will happen when the MAP sensor goes bad?
When the sensors do not work well it results in excessive fuel consumption, poor fuel economy, and high detonation and this happens because the ECM injects excessive fuel into the cylinders.  
When should you replace the MAP sensor in a car?
Extreme driving can cause high vibration which then loses the connections and the electrical connectors also get melted. This usually happens because of overheating and in this case, the sensors need to be replaced. 

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