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Houses to Rent in Fleetwood With Great Amenities

Are you planning to travel to Fleetwood in the United Kingdom for a vacation or maybe for business? You might be looking for the best houses to rent in Fleetwood. This article will present you with the top houses available for rent today where you can spend your time comfortably with your friends and families. 

Fleetwood and its nearby areas are an active hotspot for tourists in England. Hence it offers numerous holiday rentals with astonishing amenities to those visiting here. Whether it’s a swimming pool or a hot tub, you can explore the top-class amenities offered here. Expedia helps you to find the best houses to rent in Fleetwood according to your preferences. The prices change at different times of the year and depend on the kind of property being rented. Moreover, the location and facilities you choose will also affect the cost. 

Best Houses to Rent in Fleetwood

You will find various houses available in Fleetwood, which makes it tricky for a person to choose the best one out there. Therefore, a list of the best houses to rent in Fleetwood is included here to make it convenient for you. You can read all the facilities and costs and make your decisions accordingly. 

1. Granada Apartments

Granada Apartments
Granada Apartments | Celebzero

Granada Apartments is situated in Blackpool and takes about 24 minutes from the Blackpool International Airport. This complex offers its renters a 24-hour front desk, laundry facilities, and staff members who speak Spanish, English and German. Along with many other amenities, one of its best amenities is bedding made of Egyptian cotton, various pillows, and complimentary instant coffee and tea. Free internet access and parking are also included. The rooms are spacious with 1 or 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen with numerous facilities

Top Amenities:

  • Laundry Facilities
  • Free internet access
  • Nearby Beach 
  • 24/7 front desk

2. Stay with Empire-Windsor Palace

Situated in Fleetwood, this place offers a perfect place to spend holidays with your family and friends. It takes around 15 mins to reach this place from Layton station. There are six accommodations available for the visitors with staff fluent in multiple languages, free access to wifi in public areas, and free parking. Cleanliness and safety are given top importance. 

Top Amenities:

  • Free wifi
  • Multiple language staff
  • Parking
  • Non Smoking building

3. The Windsor Hotel

The Windsor Hotel
The Windsor Hotel | Celebzero

It takes around a 3 min drive to reach the Windsor Hotel from Layton station. Situated on North Shore in Blackpool, provides all the astonishing facilities like complimentary breakfast to beautiful gardens and dining areas. Along with that, you will also find storage rooms for luggage and numerous other complimentary things like toiletries, tea bags and a lot more. Housekeeping is also provided. This is among the top houses to rent in Fleetwood.

Top Amenities:

  • Free wifi
  • Garden 
  • Storage for luggage
  • Restaurant 

4. Sussex Hotel

Situated at a walking distance of 7 min from Blackpool North Station is among the top houses to rent in Fleetwood. It has a total of 20 convenient rooms with housekeeping facilities on a daily basis. Facilities including bathrooms and complimentary toiletries and refrigerator, freezer space, as well as a coffee/tea maker are also included. Blackpool North Shore beach is close by, and local attractions like the Funny Girls and North Pier Theatre are easy day trips from this hotel.

Top Amenities:

  • Storage for luggage
  • Free wifi
  • Housekeeping

5. Pleasure Holiday Apartments

Pleasure Holiday Apartments
Pleasure Holiday Apartments | Celebzero

The Pleasure Holiday Apartments can be found in the Blackpool suburb of South Shore, which is known for its fantastic shopping. Every unit features a fully-equipped kitchen that includes a refrigerator, an oven, a hob and a microwave. Once during each guest’s stay, cleaning of the accommodations is also provided. Showers are available in the bathrooms, and basic toiletries are also provided. Access to wifi Internet is provided without an additional cost in this unit. Televisions of 32 inches come standard with cable channels. This is among the best houses to rent in Fleetwood.

Top Amenities:

  • Parking
  • Nearby Beach
  • Housekeeping
  • Close to laundry

6. South Beach Apartments

The South Ocean Apartments can be found in Blackpool’s South Shore neighbourhood, which is conveniently located close to the ocean. One of the best houses to rent in Fleetwood, guests of these apartments can take advantage of the on-site laundry, parking for free, and free wifi access. There are 6 different apartments to choose from at South Beach. Each of the bathrooms has a shower and provides free toiletries. You will also find multilingual staff in Polish, Russian and English. 

Top Amenities:

  • Nearby beach
  • Terrace
  • Laundry
  • Free access to wifi


There are numerous houses available to stay in while visiting this place. However, only a few are considered to be the top houses to rent in Fleetwood that offer not only the best facilities but also the best experience of staying in Fleetwood. For more information on houses and locations for staying, visit Celebzero


How does rent-to-rent work?
Rent to rent is an arrangement in which a person or business promises to pay a predetermined amount of rent to a landlord in exchange for an interest in renting the real estate of the landlord for a specific amount of time. The tenant occupies the property, and they become responsible for the payment of the rent.
How long does it take to rent a house in the UK?
In the event that any of the paperwork is not properly filled out, first-time renters should plan for an extension of a maximum of three weeks before they are permitted admission into their new apartment. It usually takes around a week for you to be finally allowed to move into the rented apartment. 
How do I rent a flat for the first time?
There are various things that you should keep in mind while renting out a flat for the first time. This includes getting the insurance, planning the amount, finding an ideal renter, coming to an agreement with the renter, registrations and many more. 



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