Holidays To Valencia

Discover Valencia: The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Dream Holidays To Valencia

Valencia, Spain’s vibrant cultural city on the Mediterranean coast, is calling you for sun, food, and adventure. Holidays to Valencia in this historic port, with stunning beaches, architectural wonders, and paella for days, delivers an idyllic escape for relaxation and exploring. Whether basking on the beach or discovering Valencia’s history is what you crave, the city caters to all dreams. Stroll the long promenade walkway, and swim in turquoise waters at La Malvarrosa beach or kayak La Albufera Lake. Then delve into Valencia’s rich history, from Roman ruins at the Bioparc Valencia to Gaudi’s City of Arts and Sciences, a UNESCO World Heritage site of architectural brilliance. Plan your holidays to Valencia and indulge in a vibrant Mediterranean experience that combines sun-soaked relaxation, delectable cuisine, and thrilling discoveries.

How to Plan the Best Holidays in Valencia?

Holidays To Valencia
Holidays To Valencia

Plan your Corsica escape with affordable package holidays from Easyjet Holidays. Visit Easyjet Holidays’ website. Start by booking your flights and hotels. Feel free to browse through the best places to visit and activities to indulge in and plan an itinerary. Cheap holidays to Valencia packages are also available for budget travellers!

Easyjet Holidays’ Tips for the Best Holidays to Valencia in 2023

Easyjet Holidays
Easyjet Holidays
  • Explore the scenic beaches and promenades. Stroll the lovely Malvarrosa beach promenade, and swim at Las Arenas or La Malvarrosa beach. Kayak Albudeite lake or swing at La Devesa park.
  • Discover Valencia’s history and culture. See Roman mosaics at Bioparc Valencia, the Cathedral-Mosque, and Torres de Serranos. Admire Gaudi’s City of Arts and Sciences, a UNESCO World Heritage site, during your holidays to Valencia. 
  • Indulge in delicious food and wine. Pa amb tomàquet, churros with chocolate, huertos hortelanos – endless bites delight! Muscatel dessert wine, Valencia oranges, and paella, too, for making your holidays to Valencia memorable.
  • Your holidays in Valencia can become more exciting with vibrant festivals and nightlife. La Tomatina’s tomatoes and Fallas with ninots effigies – music, dance, and colour fill the plazas. Cocktails at Terrazas along the river until dawn!
  • Make personal connections. Interact with locals, join free walking tours, and dine alfresco – trading recommendations crafts cherished memories. Bonding with fellow travellers leads to unforgettable experiences.
  • Appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Evening beach strolls, sunset views from BIOPARC. Stop to watch street performers and buskers. There’s magic in everyday moments.
  • Relax and de-stress. Valencia soothes sun-seeking souls and culture vultures alike. Follow my tips and lose yourself in stunning scenery, history, food, festivals, and Mediterranean beat.
  • Leave room for surprises and explore on a wh Valencia delights without a plan. Discover personal passions and inspiration awaits around each corner. The adventure leads to the most memorable stories!

Foods To Try during your Holidays To Valencia:

Here are some delicious foods you must try during your holidays in Valencia:

  • Pa amb tomàquet – Grilled bread rubbed with tomato and olive oil. A breakfast classic!
  • Valencia oranges – Sweet oranges are grown locally, juicy, and flavorful. Great sliced cereal or pancakes.
  • Churros with chocolate – Fried-dough pastry strips dipped in thick hot chocolate. Guilt-worthy bliss!
  • Tapas – Bite-sized morsels of food meant for sharing. Jamón, manchego, patatas bravas, croquetas abound.
  • Paella – Valencia’s iconic rice dish cooked with saffron, tomatoes, meat, and seafood. A feast for sharing!
  • Gazpacho – Chilled tomato-based soup, refreshing on hot days. Flavoured with cucumber, peppers, garlic, and olive oil.
  • Horchata – Sweet drink made from tiger nuts, cinnamon, and sugar. Iced horchata is summer’s cooling delight.
  • Muscatel – Fortified wine from the nearby town of Mogente, golden raisin sweetness. Perfect for dessert or afternoon indulgence.
  • Jamón ibérico – High-quality cured Spanish ham with nutty and robust flavour. Paper-thinly sliced as an antipasto.
  • Embotits – Meat preserves like morcilla blood sausage, chorizo sausage, or pancetta. Flavoured with spices, chilli, and orange.
  • Seafood – Fresh seafood paella, lobster, crab, mussels, shrimp – Valencia’s coast offers endless options for alfresco seafood feasting.
  • Olives – Green Manzanilla olives, kalamata olives, whatever takes your fancy. Olives for sharing, olives as a snack, or salad topping.


With vibrant food markets, designer tapas bars, and classic tascas taverns, Valencia inspires gluttonous delight at every turn. Trying new flavours, sharing foods with loved ones, and letting pleasures of the palate guide your explorations make for memorable moments during holidays to Valencia Spain. Continue reading about the holidays to Valencia on CelebZero!


What is the best month to go to Valencia?
The best time to plan for your holidays in Corsica is between April to June and September to October. The spring and fall months have pleasant weather, smaller crowds, and lower prices. April to June sees blossoming orange trees and summer festivals. September and October still allow beachgoing and outdoor exploring, with fewer heatwaves.
How many days in Valencia is enough?
Valencia is compact enough to explore in 3 to 5 days but deserves at least 1 week to soak in all its delights. Within a week you could- Stroll the beach promenade, explore history/culture, and a day trip to Bioparc and Fallas Monument. However, with beachgoing, foodie adventures, and lingering in each charming corner, 2 weeks slips by quickly! Valencia warrants return visits too.
Is Valencia a good holiday destination?
Absolutely! Your holidays to Valencia would be a wonderful experience because of – Attractive beaches, Rich culture and history, delicious food, and vibrant festivals
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