Holidays To Cyprus

Experience Sun, Sea, and Culture: Your Ultimate Holidays To Cyprus

Holidays to Cyprus offers an enchanting blend of rich history, stunning natural beauty, and warm Mediterranean hospitality. Located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, this captivating island is known for its idyllic beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and year-round sunshine. Cyprus boasts a wealth of archaeological sites, including the awe-inspiring ancient city of Paphos, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can explore ancient ruins, Roman mosaics, and fascinating historical artifacts that chronicle the island’s diverse past. Beyond its cultural treasures, Cyprus offers a diverse range of activities for every traveler. From relaxing on pristine sandy beaches to indulging in water sports like snorkeling and diving, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventures.

The Troodos Mountains present a breathtaking landscape for hiking and exploring picturesque villages, while wine enthusiasts can savor the island’s renowned vineyards. With its alluring combination of natural wonders, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, a holiday to Cyprus promises an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking relaxation, adventure, and a taste of Mediterranean charm. Moreover, you can also check the official website of Easyjet for more such holidays in Cyprus.

List of best hotels to spend holidays to Cyprus

These are some of the best holidays to Cyprus. However, you can also check the cheap holiday to Cyprus, holiday package to Cyprus. Below are some of the holidays to Cyprus:

1. Avlida Hotel

Avlida Hotel
Avlida Hotel | Celebzero

The Avlida Hotel is a premier accommodation option located in the beautiful coastal city of Paphos, Cyprus. This modern hotel offers a comfortable and luxurious stay, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers. The Avlida Hotel boasts spacious and well-appointed rooms, equipped with modern amenities and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Guests can indulge in a range of facilities, including outdoor swimming pools, a fitness center, a spa, and multiple dining options that serve delicious international and local cuisines. With its convenient location near popular attractions and the city center, the Avlida Hotel provides a perfect base for exploring the historical sites, vibrant culture, and natural beauty of Paphos.

2.  Atlantica Aqua Blue

Atlantica Aqua Blue is a stunning hotel situated in the coastal town of Limassol, Cyprus. This exquisite property offers guests a luxurious and unforgettable stay. The Atlantica Aqua Blue features beautifully designed rooms and suites, complete with modern amenities and elegant decor. The hotel’s highlight is its spectacular aqua park, providing endless fun and excitement for guests of all ages. Guests can also enjoy access to a private beach, multiple swimming pools, a spa, and various dining options serving delectable cuisine. With its prime location, excellent facilities, and warm Cypriot hospitality, Atlantica Aqua Blue guarantees a memorable vacation experience in Limassol.

3. Akti Beach Hotel and Village Resort

Akti Beach Hotel and Village Resort
Akti Beach Hotel and Village Resort | Celebzero

Akti Beach Hotel and Village Resort is a captivating beachfront property nestled in the serene village of Paphos, Cyprus. This expansive resort offers a delightful combination of comfort, relaxation, and entertainment. Guests can choose from a range of accommodations, including spacious rooms and charming village-style bungalows, all designed with modern amenities and stunning views. The resort features multiple swimming pools, a private beach, a spa, and an array of recreational activities, ensuring there’s something for everyone. With its warm hospitality, picturesque surroundings, and convenient access to Paphos’ attractions, Akti Beach Hotel and Village Resort provides an enchanting retreat for a memorable holiday.

4. Eleni Holiday Village

Eleni Holiday Village is a delightful resort located in the picturesque town of Paphos, Cyprus. Nestled amidst lush gardens, this family-friendly property offers a tranquil and enjoyable vacation experience. The Eleni Holiday Village features spacious apartments and villas, providing comfortable and well-equipped accommodations for guests. The resort boasts a variety of amenities, including multiple swimming pools, a children’s playground, a restaurant serving delicious cuisine, and a vibrant entertainment program. With its proximity to the beach and convenient access to local attractions, Eleni Holiday Village is an ideal choice for families and couples seeking a relaxing and fun-filled getaway in Paphos.

5. Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel and Spa

Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel and Spa
Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel and Spa | Celebzero

Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel and Spa is a luxurious beachfront retreat situated in the vibrant city of Paphos, Cyprus. This elegant hotel offers a truly indulgent experience for discerning travelers. The Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris features stylishly designed rooms and suites with modern amenities and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Guests can unwind and rejuvenate at the on-site spa, take a dip in the pristine swimming pools, or enjoy direct access to the sandy beach. The hotel also offers a variety of dining options, including gourmet restaurants serving delectable cuisine. With its impeccable service, lavish facilities, and prime beachfront location, Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris ensures an unforgettable stay in Paphos.


In conclusion, holidays to Cyprus promise a remarkable experience filled with enchanting landscapes, rich history, and warm Mediterranean hospitality. From its idyllic beaches and crystal-clear waters to its captivating archaeological sites and picturesque villages, Cyprus offers a diverse range of attractions for every traveler. Whether you seek relaxation on sun-drenched shores, adventure in the Troodos Mountains, or a journey through ancient civilizations, Cyprus has it all. Add to that the delectable cuisine, year-round sunshine, and welcoming locals, and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable vacation. A holidays to Cyprus is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a vibrant blend of natural beauty, cultural treasures, and unforgettable moments. Moreover, you can also check the official website of Celebzero for more such holidays to Cyprus.


Is Cyprus cheap for a holiday?
Cyprus offers a range of options for different budgets, making it possible to enjoy a holiday within various price ranges. While it may not be the cheapest destination in the Mediterranean, it can still be relatively affordable, particularly when compared to other European countries. The cost of accommodation, dining, and activities can vary depending on the location and season. By planning ahead, exploring local eateries, and taking advantage of package deals or off-peak periods, visitors can make their holiday in Cyprus more cost-effective without compromising on the quality of their experience.
How much is a holiday to Cyprus?
The cost of a holiday to Cyprus can vary depending on various factors such as the time of year, duration of stay, accommodation choice, and individual preferences. Generally, expenses to consider include flights, accommodation, meals, transportation, and activities. Prices can range from budget-friendly options to more luxurious experiences. It’s advisable to research and compare prices, consider package deals, and plan ahead to find the best options within your budget for a memorable holiday in Cyprus.
Is Cyprus a nice holiday?
Yes, Cyprus is a fantastic holiday destination. With its stunning beaches, rich history, vibrant culture, and warm Mediterranean climate, Cyprus offers a delightful experience for visitors. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the beach, exploring ancient ruins, indulging in delicious cuisine, or enjoying outdoor activities, Cyprus has something to offer for everyone. The island’s natural beauty, friendly locals, and diverse attractions make it a truly enjoyable and memorable holiday destination.

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