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Gift Your Fuzzbudies Their Tiny Mansions With These Hamster Home Cages

Hamsters are delightful and curious creatures, and as a pet owner, one of your top priorities is to provide them with a comfortable and secure living space. A well-designed hamster home cage not only ensures your furry friend’s happiness but also promotes their physical and mental well-being. A hamster home cage is a specially designed enclosure or habitat that provides safe and comfortable living space for pet hamsters. These hamster home cages are essential for keeping hamsters as pets, as they provide them with a controlled environment where they can eat, sleep, play, and exercise.

Zooplus PL offers a wide range of hamster home cages designed to provide a comfortable and stimulating environment for your small furry friends. These hamster home cages are carefully selected to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of hamsters, ensuring they have a happy and healthy life. Whether you have a Syrian hamster, a dwarf hamster, or any other small rodent, Zooplus has the perfect cage for your pet.

Types of Hamster Home Cages:

  1. Standard Wire Cages: Standard wire cages are a classic choice for hamster owners. These hamster home cages typically feature a sturdy wireframe and a plastic base. They offer excellent ventilation, which is essential for hamsters, as they can be sensitive to heat and humidity.
  2. Glass Aquariums: Glass aquariums are an alternative to wire cages. They provide a clear and unobstructed view of your pet and are excellent for controlling bedding and mess. However, proper ventilation is crucial in glass aquariums to prevent humidity buildup.
  3. Modular Cages: Modular hamster home cages are a popular choice among hamster enthusiasts who enjoy customizing their pet’s living space. These hamster home cages come with multiple levels, platforms, and tunnels, allowing you to create an exciting and dynamic habitat for your hamster.
  4. Portable Cages: If you need a travel-friendly option or a temporary home for your hamster, portable cages for hamsters are ideal. They are lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, making them convenient for short trips or vet visits.

Important Features to Consider before buying a home for your hamster:

  1. Size Matters: Hamsters are active creatures and need plenty of space to explore, exercise, and exhibit their natural behaviors. Ensure the hamster’s cage is large enough for your hamster to run, climb, and play freely.
  2. Bar Spacing: For wire cages, opt for models with appropriate bar spacing to prevent your hamster from escaping or getting stuck. A spacing of 1 cm to 1.5 cm is suitable for most hamster breeds.
  3. Easy Access: Look for hamster home cages with large doors or lids that allow easy access for cleaning and handling your pet. This is especially important during playtime and social interactions.
  4. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial to maintain fresh air circulation inside the cage. Ensure that the hamster home cage design provides adequate airflow to keep your hamster healthy and comfortable.
  5. Chew-Proof: Hamsters love to chew on things, and their teeth grow continuously throughout their lives. Choose a cage made of sturdy materials that can withstand their chewing habits.

Top Hamster Home Cages from Zooplus:

1.   Heaven 80 Hamster Cage

Heaven 80 Hamster Cage
Heaven 80 Hamster Cage | Celebzero

The Heaven 80 Hamster Cage is a spacious and well-equipped home that provides everything your little pet needs for a happy and contented life. With a luxurious rooftop house and a tunnel for your hamster to glide through, your furry friend will surely enjoy exploring the various elements of this cage. The high litter box allows for digging and burying, while the sawdust offers a perfect place to hide treats and delicacies for your hamster to find.

The cage’s design prevents litter from spilling out when your hamster burrows, keeping the area around the cage clean. The included tubes and corner elements enable you to create a fantastic playground for your hamster to climb and play. With features like a spinning wheel and multiple platforms, the Heaven Hamster Cage offers your pet ample space and endless play possibilities. Additionally, the cage is easy to clean, thanks to its completely removable stand. Your hamster is sure to feel at home in this comfortable and entertaining environment.

2.   Ferplast Cage Ranch Brown

The Ferplast Ranch Brown Cage offers a modern and compact living cage for small hamster animals like rabbits and guinea pigs, ensuring they enjoy the fresh air they love. The cage features a two-story design with grate windows on the first floor, providing constant air circulation, while the second covered part offers a cozy shelter for rest and protection from weather conditions.

A lockable floor hatch with a ramp connects the upper cage to the outdoor run, allowing you to decide if your pets should remain in the enclosed area or roam freely. The run can be combined with other accessories, and a pull-out floor pan makes cleaning a breeze. The cage’s coated roof can be fully opened for easy feeding and cleaning, and the floors can be separated with a lockable floor hatch, offering versatile usage options. Plastic feet protect the wood from dew, ensuring durability and longevity.

3.   Skyline Fun Area Leon rodent cage

The Skyline Fun Area Leon Rodent Cage offers ample space and multiple floors for rodents to enjoy free movement and play. With its large door, cleaning the cage becomes a breezy task, and accessing the interior is hassle-free. Additionally, strategically placed special doors facilitate easy entry for rodents.

The cage includes three small doors for access to each floor, along with a tunnel, swing, and wooden house to keep the little critters entertained. The attached reel adds to the fun by allowing the rodents to move around. The cage dimensions are approximately 67 x 36.5 x 65 cm, and the grating spacing is 6.42 mm, making it a comfortable and secure habitat for your furry companions.

4.   Savic Plaza Knock Down

Savic Plaza Knock Down
Savic Plaza Knock Down | Celebzero

The Savic Plaza Knock Down is an extra-large and secure cage, perfect for your little rodents. Its spacious design provides ample room for your hamster to play and explore, and the close mesh spacing makes it suitable for small rats as well. The cage includes a raised platform with a cozy shelter, a food bowl, a hamster wheel, and a drinking bottle that easily clips to the grille. With a large front door, you can effortlessly change the hay, clean the interior, or interact with your pet. Assembling the cage is a breeze, with no tools required, and it can be easily disassembled for storage. The removable grille ensures hassle-free cleaning. In stylish gray and black colors, the Savic Plaza Knock Down is the ideal habitat for your furry friends.

5.   Ferplast Plaza cage house for small animals

Ferplast’s Plaza cage series gets a convenient extension with the Plaza Small Pet Cage House, offering your furry friend more space and a cozy shelter. Crafted from natural wood, the house ensures a safe chewing experience for your pet. It serves as a perfect hideaway or nesting spot for expecting animals. The best part is that the wooden house not only adds space but also enhances the cage’s aesthetics with decorative elements on its walls. Designed specifically for Ferplast Plaza 140, 160, and 200 series cages, the wooden house comes with ventilation holes and a hook on the roof for easy attachment. The process of assembling it is a breeze, simply connect the house’s floor to the cage’s floor using the clicker and adjustable fastener. The cage’s tall plastic floor pan makes cleaning a snap, while the retractable roof with secure metal fastening ensures a snug fit and easy access.


Zooplus offers a fantastic selection of hamster home cages that prioritize comfort and enrichment for these small pets. With various designs, sizes, and features like tunnels and platforms, these cages provide the perfect living space for hamsters to play, rest, and explore. The durable and safe materials ensure the well-being of the pets, while the easy-to-clean designs make maintenance an easy task for pet owners. Whether it’s the Heaven Hamster Cage, Ferplast Ranch Brown Cage, or Skyline Fun Area Leon Rodent Cage, Zooplus  ensures that each option creates a cozy and stimulating environment for hamsters to thrive. For more information visit CelebZero


The best type of cage for a hamster is a spacious and well-ventilated enclosure that allows the hamster to move freely and engage in natural behaviors. A cage with appropriate bar spacing, safe materials, and secure locks is essential to prevent any potential escapes. Providing enrichment through tunnels, platforms, and toys is also crucial for keeping the hamster mentally stimulated and happy. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure a clean and healthy living environment for the pet.
Can I keep a hamster without a cage?
A suitable cage is essential for the well-being of a hamster. It provides a safe and controlled environment, preventing escapes and protecting the hamster from potential hazards. A proper cage also allows for easy maintenance, enrichment, and interaction with your pet. Keeping a hamster without a cage is not recommended as it can pose risks to their safety and overall health. Invest in a suitable hamster cage to ensure your furry friend’s comfort and happiness.
Is it safe to keep a hamster at home?
Keeping a hamster at home can be a safe and rewarding experience when proper care is provided. Hamsters are low-maintenance pets, but they still require a suitable cage, safe materials, regular cleaning, and supervision during playtime. By ensuring a secure and comfortable environment, you can enjoy the companionship of these adorable little pets while keeping them safe and healthy.

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