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The Different Types Of Carpet Underlay And Which One To Choose 

Carpet underlay is an essential part of any flooring system, and Wickes is one of the leading suppliers. With a wide range of carpet underlay products, Wickes is the go-to source for all your flooring needs. Carpet underlay helps to improve the comfort and performance of your carpet, as well as providing an extra layer of insulation and soundproofing.

The most important factor when looking for carpet underlay is finding the right type for your needs. Wickes offer a range of different types, from foam and rubber, to waffle and felt. Each type has its own unique characteristics, so it is important to make sure you choose the right one for your particular requirements. 

Foam underlay is perfect for high-traffic areas, as it will provide extra cushioning and insulation. Rubber is excellent for areas of heavy foot traffic, as it is highly durable and water resistant. Waffle underlay is ideal for areas where you want increased insulation, while felt is perfect for areas where you want extra soundproofing. 

Why Carpet underlay is an essential? 

Laminate underlay is an essential element of any carpet installation. It is the layer of material that lies between the carpet and the floor and provides cushion and insulation. Without the right kind of carpet underlay, the carpet will not last and the floor underneath will suffer from wear and tear. Wickes is a leading supplier of carpet underlay, offering a range of products to suit different needs.

The most basic type of carpet underlay available from Wickes is the budget-friendly foam underlay. This is an affordable option that provides good cushioning and insulation, making it a good choice for rooms that will be used regularly. It is also a suitable choice for areas where soundproofing is required, such as bedrooms. The foam underlay is easy to install and can be cut to size to fit any area.

Here is a list of the top 5 carpet underlay on Wickes that you never want to miss: 

  1. Wickes Wood Fibre Laminate & Wood

    Wickes Wood Fibre Laminate & Wood
    Wickes Wood Fibre Laminate & Wood | celebzero

Wickes Wood Fibre Laminate & Wood Flooring Underlay is an ideal choice for any home improvement project. The product is designed to provide a strong base for laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring, as well as carpet underlay. The underlay is made from a combination of wood fibres and synthetic binders that create a durable, long-lasting layer of cushioning and protection.

The wood fibre underlay is designed to absorb shock and reduce noise, while providing a level, stable surface for the flooring above. The product also helps to reduce cold spots and drafts, ensuring that the flooring is comfortable to walk on. The underlay has a high tolerance for moisture, making it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of the home where spills and moisture are likely.

2. Arbiton Luxury Vinyl Click

Arbiton Luxury Vinyl Click (LVT) Underlay is a high-performance underlay that provides superior acoustic and thermal insulation for LVT flooring. This underlay is designed to be used in conjunction with carpet underlay to provide a comfortable, sound and energy efficient flooring solution.

LVT underlay is made from an advanced foam, which is highly resilient and provides superior cushioning and insulation. This underlay has a unique construction that helps reduce sound transmission and offers superior thermal insulation. The combination of cushioning and thermal insulation provides superior sound and energy efficiency.

3. Arbiton Easy Fit Laminate & Wood

Arbiton Easy Fit Laminate & Wood
Arbiton Easy Fit Laminate & Wood | celebzero

Arbiton Easy Fit Laminate and Wood Flooring Underlay is a revolutionary new product designed to make the installation of laminate and wood flooring easier, faster and more economical. This product is designed to provide superior underlayment protection and superior cushioning and insulation. The underlayment is designed to be used with all types of laminate and wood flooring, including engineered wood and solid wood. 

The underlayment is designed to be installed over the existing subfloor and is available in two thicknesses, 8mm and 10mm. The 8mm thickness is designed for use with laminate and wood floors, while the 10mm thickness is designed for use with carpet and other flooring. The underlayment is made from a high-density foam that is designed to be extremely durable, yet lightweight.

4. Wood & Fibre Laminate Flooring Underlay

Wood & Fiber Laminate Flooring underlay is a great option for homeowners looking to improve the comfort and durability of their floors. With a range of options to choose from, homeowners can find the perfect underlay to suit their needs.

When selecting wood and fiber laminate flooring underlay, it is important to consider the level of comfort and sound absorption required. Carpet underlay can provide a great solution for both of these needs. Carpet underlay helps to reduce the impact of footfall on the floor, providing a softer, quieter feel. It also helps to insulate the floor, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Carpet underlay is available in a variety of densities, making it easy to choose an option that provides the perfect level of comfort and insulation.

5. Arbiton Quick Fit Premium 3in1 – Thermal Underlay

Arbiton Quick Fit Premium 3in1 - Thermal Underlay
Arbiton Quick Fit Premium 3in1 – Thermal Underlay | celebzero

Arbiton Quick Fit Premium 3in1 – Thermal Underlay is a revolutionary new product that combines the best of both carpet underlay and thermal insulation in one convenient package. This innovative product is designed to provide superior thermal insulation and carpet underlay that will last for years, helping homeowners to save money on energy bills while also providing a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere in their home.

The Arbiton Quick Fit Premium 3in1 – Thermal Underlay features a three-layer construction that consists of a premium foam base layer, a layer of memory foam and a top layer of premium pile carpet underlay which is designed to provide maximum comfort and support. The foam base layer helps to absorb shock and reduce the noise from foot traffic, while the memory foam layer helps to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through the floor.

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In conclusion, carpet underlay is a vital component in any carpet installation. It provides a cushion between the carpet and the subfloor, helping to reduce noise and absorb any impact. It also helps to extend the life of the carpet, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting floor covering. When selecting carpet underlay, it is important to consider the underfloor type and the type of carpet being installed, as well as the amount of traffic the carpet will receive. For more information, visit Wickes and Celebzero.


What is underlay used for?
Carpet Underlay is a type of material that is used to provide an extra layer of cushioning and insulation to floors, as well as to increase the longevity and performance of carpets. This type of underlay is commonly used in both commercial and residential settings. 
What thickness of underlay do I need?
A thicker underlay provides more cushioning and stability, and is often recommended for concrete floors. The most recommended thickness for a carpet underlay on a concrete floor is 10mm or above.
Do you really need underlay?
Carpet underlayment is an essential component of any carpet installation. Not only does it provide a layer of cushioning and insulation, but it also helps to prolong the life of the carpet and make it more comfortable to walk on.

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