Boston To Mumbai Flight

Boston To Mumbai Flight: Your Ultimate Guide

It may seem like you have been planning to take up a Boston to Mumbai flight recently. Boston is located in the city of Massachusetts and is a beautiful city famous for its academic infrastructure, history, and the most vintage culture you will ever notice. While on a flight from Boston to Mumbai. The flight has to cover a distance of 8,000 miles within 16-18 hours to reach Mumbai.

Mumbai, one of the most famous cities in India, is densely populated and widely known for its Bollywood movies. So chances are that you are looking for some action-packed thriller movies or maybe find yourself enjoying the outskirts of the Arabian Sea. The departure of The flights will take place from Boston Logan International Airport to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai.

To help you reach Mumbai, we present you with Flight tickets by Emirates. Emirates has the best provision for different seats based on the number of expenses you are ready to pay, and the facilities you want to avail of tickets have been divided into classes. To improve your Boston to Mumbai flight journey and give you a mesmerising 16-hour experience, we have economy class, business class, and first class. While economy class provides a ticket at cheaper rates, they also seat with enough space and entertainment. While on your Boston to Mumbai flight, you will experience quality food and entertainment.

Best Boston to Mumbai flight with Emirates

Mumbai flight with Emirates
Mumbai flight with Emirates

There are two flights from Boston to Mumbai on weekdays. These flights include Boeing 777 and Airbus 330. There are three types of seats available on the flight. We will list each of them one by one and their availability. First on the list, we have a saver ticket. They allow 2×50 lb check baggage along with 1×15lb cabin baggage. Seat selection in the saver class is restricted. Skywards miles can be earned at 2,100 miles. You can upgrade to business at 133,000 miles. Change fees will cost you 200 dollars. The refund will be provided with a charge.

Talking about the Flex seats on our flight from Boston to Mumbai, they have allowed a total of 2 ×50 lb luggage bags with 1×15 lb cabin bag. There is a provision for complimentary seat selection. You will earn skywards at 5,250 miles. There is a criterion to upgrade to business at 91,260 miles. The change fees will be 200 dollars, and the refund will cost you some charges.

Moving on next, we have Flex Plus with a checked luggage provision for 2×50 lb bags along with 1×15 lb cabin bags. The seat selection is complimentary. You will earn skyward miles at 7,000 miles. Though you can upgrade to business at 72,000 miles. There is no charge for change fees. The refund fee includes no extra charges.

How to book your Boston to Mumbai flight?

The steps here enlisted will help you to book your Boston to Mumbai flight.

Before getting started, click on this link below to visit Emirate’s official website.

  1. Select the departing and arrival airports options.
  2. You can choose your departure and arrival dates.
  3. Enter the number of passengers.
  4. Select the type of flight you want to take.
  5. Select the Search Flights option.
  6. You will see the flights available on the days you have selected, along with their fares.
  7. Select a “type of class” such as saver, flex, or super flex.
  8. Select one of them and continue.
  9. You will see an option to confirm your selection.
  10. Depending on your preferences, you can then select a one-way ticket, a round-trip journey, or even a multi-city trip.
  11. After you’ve chosen your flight, fill out the form.
  12. Proceed to your payment section and confirm your payment.
  13. You will receive a digital payment slip.

Things to keep in mind while boarding your Boston to Mumbai flight.

  1.   Beware of all the required documents in advance to ensure that you will not confront any troubles at the time of arrival at the airport.
  2.   Dress appropriately, make sure you have dressed appropriately for the Mumbai weather. Mumbai weather is known to be hot and humid. Keep yourself equipped with such types of clothes.
  3.   Check for luggage regulations as per the Emirates guidelines to ensure that you do not overpack. Passengers must adhere to the rules or risk being denied the ability to bring additional bags.
  4.   Arrive on time at the airport. Ensure that the flight is not delayed and that you do not miss the flight due to a lack of time. Bring some extra time with you to avoid any delays at the security checkpoint.
  5.   Drink plenty of water.
  6.   Beware of the transportation system in Mumbai. Research in advance about the transportation system in Mumbai to reach your desired destination.


In conclusion, with all the facts we have talked about, we listed some of the best possible ways to enhance your travel experience with Emirates. 

Overall, the Boston to Mumbai flight is an exciting and memorable journey that connects two vastly different cities, cultures, and ways of life. Whether you’re travelling for business, leisure, or visiting family and friends, the experience is sure to leave a lasting impression. For more information, visit Celebzero.


How far is the flight from BOS to BOM?
The flight takes around 16-18 hours to cover the whole route. However, it might vary depending on the routes and type of flight.
How much is a flight from BOS to Mumbai Airport?
Talking from an economy class perspective, flight tickets usually cost around 700-800 USD. It can be higher or lower depending on the dates and type of seat.
What are the cheapest airlines flying from Boston to Mumbai round-trip?
You can find some of the cheap round trips on the Emirates website itself. Usually, they cost around 1.3-1.5 k USD.
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