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10 Best Room Heater Options in the Market this Winter

When the price of gas skyrockets, a portable electric heater (also known as a space heater) is a viable option, they may be affordable when used properly, with intelligent use of the thermostat, especially for heating bedrooms and for infrequent usage in the coldest portions of the home. “They may assist in lower expenses when gas prices are prohibitive,” says Rob Bennett, technical service manager at Pimlico Plumbers. “However, electricity was not exactly cheap at the time. So you want the maximum heating output with the least power.”

If you need short, focused warmth in your house, you may consider utilizing best  electric heater. Still, Bennett advises that these devices are “not so excellent for a steady heating source in a boardroom where heat disperses fast” because they struggle to fill the space. So, which one should you buy? If you’re short on time, here’s a brief rundown of our top five. Continue reading for the entire evaluation, including operating expenses, and for additional information on how to find the best electric heater for you.

List of Best Electric Heater Options

There are multiple room heaters available in the market. However, selecting the best room heater can be a challenging task. The list of best room heater options is as follows:

1. Dimplex ECR 15 dry Column Heater

Dimplex ECR 15 dry Column Heater
Dimplex ECR 15 dry Column Heater | Celebzero

The ECR15’s seven-fin design allows it to radiate some heat horizontally. It heats up far faster than an oil-filled radiator and, in a small room, achieves a pleasant constant temperature after approximately 30 minutes. It’s light enough to lift with one hand and straightforward to assemble, with no tools required to attach the feet. The only controls are a large thermostat dial and a large power dial for selecting between 500, 1000, and 1500 Watts. Keep it at 500W and utilize the thermostat carefully; it should be inexpensive to run.

2. Duronic HV220 radiant Convector Heater

Duronic HV220 radiant Convector Heater
Duronic HV220 radiant Convector Heater | Celebzero

Although it is not particularly attractive, this reasonably priced 2kW convector heater performs admirably. Its main selling point is that it heats up in a minute, owing to unique mica panels manufactured by Duronic. The panels also distribute heat horizontally rather than vertically, making it an excellent choice for placing near a favorite seat in a big room. (Do not position it against a wall.) It’s surprisingly light and, once heated, can be adjusted to a lesser (1kW) output, which can help save money on utility costs. It’s also virtually quiet, unlike fan heaters. A sturdy, dependable convection heater is well worth considering if you can surpass the pedestrian aesthetics.

3. John Lewis & Partners Square Fan Heater

John Lewis & Partners Square Fan Heater
John Lewis & Partners Square Fan Heater | Celebzero

At this price point, there are hundreds of heaters to select the best room heater. Most of them are built in China to keep prices down and are all perfectly enough for occasional usage. But this one, which looks like Stanley Kubrick designed for a spaceship, sticks out. It has a 1500W two-speed oscillating fan with a tip-over safety button, which not many heaters at this price have, it operates silently, and it takes up very little room when not in use because it is just 10cm thick. It fits on a bookshelf, making it ideal for bedrooms or offices; but, if appearances aren’t crucial, there are more energy-efficient solutions.

4. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

Many Dyson goods, including the Hot+Cool, are becoming short in stock and may run out before the next cold spell. So, if the high price doesn’t deter you, it would be a good idea to purchase this powerful 2100W room heater sooner rather than later. The Pure model has a HEPA filter that removes 99.95% of tiny allergens and contaminants. It’s a little simpler to find than the less expensive base model. There are undoubtedly cheaper alternatives, but the rapid room-heating power of Dyson’s acclaimed air-multiplier technology makes this a viable high-end purchase. It’s quiet enough to use in a bedroom at moderate speed, and the more outstanding feature comes in handy at night in the heat.

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5. Warmlite Convection Heater

Warmlite Convection Heater
Warmlite Convection Heater | Celebzero

The Warmlite Convection Heater is a traditional convection heater with basic controls and a thermostat. So safety is the best place to start. The heat settings are elementary. Instead of min, med, and max, this one tells you what power you’re employing. You can call this best room heater  1250w medium when it isn’t in the center between 750w and 2000w. The thermostat is excellent; from my experience, once the thermostat specifies the temperature, it simply ‘clicks’ off. You can hear it switch off and then back on. Regarding the click, this is a great item to place in the bedroom because there is hardly any noise.

6. VonHaus 2000W Closed-Fin Oil-Filled Radiator

VonHaus 2000W Closed-Fin Oil-Filled Radiator
VonHaus 2000W Closed-Fin Oil-Filled Radiator | Celebzero

It takes a lot of energy to achieve it at 2kW. The key to lowering operating expenses is to use the thermostat wisely. Turn the dial down until you hear the radiator click off and the room is at the proper temperature. It will then only click on again to keep that temperature – which rarely happened with the VonHaus. The oil takes some time to warm up, plinking and plonking along the way, and the heat that slowly exits from the top in a “chimney” effect rises rather than falls. The whole room heats up over time as it pulls cool air from beneath owing to convection, but in my test, it took half an hour for the temperature sensor situated ten feet distant to detect any rise.

7. DeLonghi HFX65 Tower Ceramic Fan Heater

DeLonghi HFX65 Tower Ceramic Fan Heater
DeLonghi HFX65 Tower Ceramic Fan Heater | Celebzero

A decent fan heater should swiftly heat a large area. They consume more energy than convection heaters, but the heat can be focused where you want it, and as long as you use the thermostat appropriately, they don’t have to be too expensive to run. Probably the best room heater at this price point is DeLonghi’s HFX65. It’s incredibly light and portable, standing two feet tall but only seven inches across, allowing it to be positioned unobtrusively in a corner and looking rather lovely with its plain, black-and-white design.

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8. Princess smart glass panel heater

To be blunt, this one is not appropriate for the elderly. Once configured, the app is relatively simple: a temperature slider, a high/low power switch, and a 24-hour timer. These functionalities are also accessible via touch-sensitive controls on the heater’s screen, which become invisible when not used. So it’s not as complicated as it appears, just more difficult than it has to be.

9. Russell Hobbs Plug Heater

Russell Hobbs Plug Heater
Russell Hobbs Plug Heater | celebzero

At 500W, it provides the same power at maximum as some of the full-sized heaters listed above do at a minimum. It generates some noise, but not much more than a traditional disc-drive computer. Aside from the temperature setting, the only other option is a timer that you can set to turn it off after up to 12 hours.

10. Everhot Electric Stove

Everhot Electric Stove
Everhot Electric Stove | celebzero

You can plug in this best room heater anywhere while it is standing knee-high. At 50kg, it requires two people to lift and becomes quite hot. The heat exits through the top vent, making this a convection heater like many others. Still, after approximately 30 minutes, the remainder of the cast iron body heats up as well, radiating warmth outwards for quite some time after it’s switched off.


These are some of the best  electric heater options available. Moreover, you can check out the official Celebzero website for more such articles.


Which type room heater is best?
Oil-filled radiators are among the finest heaters available, but they take a long time to heat up. They retain heat even after you turn off the heater.
Which room heater is best for bedroom?
It is highly likely that the Warmlite Convection Heater is the most effective space heater for your bedroom.
Which room heater is best for winter?
You can select from the various options, and it also depends on your requirements to choose the best room heater. 
Which types of heaters are safe?
Sealed combustion heaters are far safer to use than other types of space heaters, and they are more efficient since they do not pull warm air from the interior and exhaust it to the outside.

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