Wide Shoes For Men

On Your Feet All Day? Wide Shoes for Men to Keep You Going Strong All Day Long

For guys who require a more roomy and accommodating fit, wide shoes for men are both fashionable and comfortable. The forefoot and toe box areas of these shoes are constructed wider than is customary, giving enough room to prevent pinching, friction, or constriction. Wearing broad shoes is appropriate for those with wider feet, or bunions, or who simply prefer a roomier fit without compromising support or breathability. Men may now choose the ideal wide shoes for men to match their particular style and offer all-day comfort, whether they’re doing errands, going to the gym, or heading to the office. There are many of options, from athletic sneakers and sandals to formal shoes and boots. Wide-footed men no longer have to settle for uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes.

Tips On How To Get The Right Wide Shoes For Men

  • Measure Your Feet: Measure both of your feet’s width and length first. For expert assistance, use a measuring tape or go to a shoe retailer.
  • Know Your Width: Recognize the numerous width measuring possibilities, including extra wide (EEE), wide (E), standard (D), and beyond.
  • Consider Foot Shape: Consider your foot shape, taking under consideration any specific issues such as flat arches or bunions.
  • Choose Adjustable Features: To guarantee that the shoes fit your foot shape precisely, search for components that can be balanced, such as buckles, laces, or straps.
  • Test for Arch Support: Try wearing shoes with sufficient arch support to avoid pain and offer stability when moving.

Best Wide Shoes For Men

  • Atom Wide

Atom Wide
Atom Wide | Celebzero

Introducing the ATOM, an athletic sneaker with superior performance that places a premium on support and comfort. With its deep KURUCLOUD midsole, inventive heel-hugging technology, and breezy mesh uppers, this wide shoes for men guarantees optimal comfort with each stride. Its athletic fit and airy design make it suitable for a range of activities. Its 10.6 ounce weight and 8mm heel-to-toe drop make it the perfect balance of robust support and lightweight design. Its rubber and mesh structure strikes a balance between breathability and durability to deliver long-lasting performance. Buy it now!!

  • Quantum Wide

Learn about the QUANTUM, a shoe that offers improved mobility by fusing structured stability with breathable comfort. KURU’s characteristic heel-hugging support and opulently large toe boxes are features that make it the perfect choice for everyday use. It is lightweight (10.5 ounces) and comes in Medium and Wide widths, making it adaptable for a range of uses. With a 6.3mm heel-to-toe drop and made of rubber and synthetic components, it guarantees longevity and stability. For individuals who want both comfort and support in their footwear, the QUANTUM is an excellent option. These wide shoes for men are ideal for walking, exercising, and daily use.

  • Kivi Wide

Kivi Wide
Kivi Wide | Celebzero

Presenting KIVI, the perfect slip-on sneaker for stylish and comfortable wear all day. Its elegant leather construction skillfully blends comfort with classic style. KIVI offers you the assistance you require at every turn, whether you’re travelling, working, or just lounging around the house. Thai wide shoes for men fit comfortably on a range of foot sizes with their E+ width and 15.3-ounce weight. KIVI guarantees longevity and comfort with its rubber outsole, elastic side panels, and synthetic linings. Buy it now.

  • Flex Via Wide

Presenting FLEX Via, the adaptable shoe made to fit your way of living. Its unparalleled flexibility makes it perfect for travel, walking, daily wear, and exercise. Every foot type can find comfort with FLEX Via because of its medium or wide width options, breathable mesh material, and lightweight construction that weighs only 11.5 ounces. It blends fashion and utility with its 11mm heel-to-toe drop, flexible grooves, conventional tongue, and simple design. Experience seamless mobility, a customizable fit, and outstanding heel support—say goodbye to foot agony. FLEX Via is the perfect choice for those seeking comfort and flexibility in their footwear. Get these now on Kuru Footwear.

  • Chicane Wide

Chicane Wide
Chicane Wide | Celebzero

Introducing CHICANE, the ultimate outdoor shoe for all your adventures. CHICANE is perfect for everyday use, walking, and trekking because of its unmatched support and traction. Its gripping outsoles and superior cushioning allow you to say goodbye to foot fatigue. Dry and comfortable feet are maintained by the moisture-wicking lining. Chicane is available in breathable mesh and sturdy leather, and it’s designed to handle any terrain with ease. Buy these now!

  • Chicane Wide

Chicane Wide
Chicane Wide | Celebzero

Hiking, walking, and daily activities are all made easier with CHICANE, your go-to shoe for the ultimate outdoor experience. CHICANE’s gripping outsoles and integrated support system make sure every step is solid and safe, letting you concentrate on the view rather than your feet. Your feet stay dry and comfortable thanks to the moisture-wicking lining, and the robust leather or breathable mesh uppers are adaptable to any surface. For your next adventure, this wide shoes for men, CHICANE offers the performance and support you need, whether you’re venturing around the city or climbing severe inclines.


To sum up, Kuru Footwear has a large selection of wide shoes for men made especially to support and comfort men with broader feet. Large toe box like shoes, flexible fit technology, and robust construction of them make these shoes ideal for walking, touring, and everyday use. Kuru Footwear has an extensive selection of shoes that fit different lifestyles and activity levels, no matter if you are looking out for a casual slip-on; a sturdy outdoor shoe, or an athletic sneaker.

For more information on wide shoes for men, visit CelebZero


What is a good brand for wide feet?
Several well-known companies that are well-known for providing wide-width alternatives are Saucony, ASICS, Brooks, and New Balance. These companies usually provide a range of styles that are comfortable for bigger feet.
Which shoe shape works best with wide feet?
Because they enable the toes to expand out naturally, shoes with square or rounded toe boxes are typically the greatest fit for wide feet. People with large feet should avoid wearing shoes with small or pointed toe boxes since they might cause pain and cramping.
What are wide fit shoes called?
“Wide-width” or “wide-fit” shoes are terms frequently used to describe shoes that fit broad. They often come in many width options, such as “D” for broad, “2E” for extra wide, and “4E” for extra-extra wide. They are specifically made to support wider feet.









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