Flights to Budapest

How To Book Flights To Budapest: A Comprehensive Guide

Budapest, the Capital of Hungary, is the biggest city of Central and Eastern Europe, which is known for its roots in various fields such as media, fashion, art, commerce, tech, entertainment along with many others. Thus, Budapest makes the perfect destination for your next getaway holiday. Continue reading till the end to know about everything you need to, before booking your flights to Budapest:

What are the Prices of Flights to Budapest?

Flights to Budapest
Flights to Budapest

The starting prices of London to Budapest flights from different locations are given below:

  • Ticket of flights to Budapest from London Stansted Airport starts from £35.99,
  • London Luton Airport starts from £41.99, and
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport from £40.99.

Things to keep in mind while booking flights to Budapest and some tips

booking flights to Budapest and some tips
booking flights to Budapest and some tips

You should keep in mind the following things while booking your flights to Budapest along with the few tips:

Even if you think it is not possible, you can easily get cheap flights to Budapest, especially if you are flying within the European Union, with one of the budget airlines: Ryanair, Easyjet, etc. that fly to different cities within Hungary. These budget airlines are literally extremely reliable and punctual with less margins.

The most popular time to fly to Budapest is August but the prices are 7% higher this time. You can also fly in June, July or September.

October is the off season when you can travel without being in the crowd when the prices are 16% less than the average.

Book at least 5-6 weeks before your departure so that you can get a price which is below-average.

If you are going to Budapest for the first time and did not plan your getaway before booking flights to Budapest, you can head to the Budapestinfo Point or the OTP Travel Agency. Their staff will help you with all the necessary dispositions for your stay and also give some important travel tips that you might need.

If you are looking for a quiet space, away from the hustle and bustle of the airport to relax or meditate before or after flights to Budapest, then you can always go to the ‘Silent Room’ or enjoy a drink on the terrace.

If you are feeling tense or jet lagged after your flight to Budapest then you can stop by the ‘Lian Day Spa’ which is in Terminal 2 and pamper yourself with a neck, back, foot or Thai full body massage. This spa is usually open for 12 hours from 8 am.

If you are someone who appreciates art and has some spare time in hand at the Budapest Ferihegy Airport, they can go to the BUD Gallery which is a small, artsy, rotating art exhibition that is located between T-2A and T-2B.

If you are someone who likes to wait for the flights in comfortable surroundings and enjoys a high standard of services then we recommend you go to any one of the five lounges at the airport. Economy passengers can access them after paying a certain amount of fee. The SkyCourt Lounge in Terminal-2 offers: free Wi-Fi, a TV, drinks, magazines, and power outlets. It also allows you to work.

You should always carry a woolen hat, a head torch, rain gear, a sleeping bag, a yoga mat and a rucksack bag if you plan on going camping.

Why should you fly to Budapest?

Flights to Budapest
Flights to Budapest

You should fly to Budapest because of the reasons stated below:

  • It gives serious competition to Paris, Vienna and Prague but beats them all with such less prices in comparison.
  • The Ottoman baths here are a real thing!
  • Don’t even get me started on architecture. Its breathtaking architecture ranges from Baroque & Neoclassical to Art Nouveau & Neo-Gothic.
  • It’s been proven that Budapest has been inhabited for 33,000 years!
  • You should also go and visit the picturesque cobblestone streets and charming town squares which lie adjacent to the Buda Castle.
  • The local food and drinks- maybe a glass of Egri Bikavér, is to die for.
  • You can go camping through non-touristy villages/small towns such as Jászberény which lie at a far distance from the Airport.


You don’t have to look for the best deals on 10 different sites, we are bringing the best deals to you- all you need to do is grab the deal as and when you see it! If you want to book your flights to Budapest, visit EasyJet and the official website of Celebzero.


How early do I need to get to Budapest Airport?
Check in including ticket validation, and baggage drop off usually commences two hours prior to departure. So you must get to the Budapest Airport at least 2 hours early, and 2.5-3 hours just to be on the safer end.
What documents are checked at the airport in Budapest?
You need to carry your passport, valid visa, global health card and your travel insurance policy.
What should I be careful of in Budapest?
You should be careful in all public transports or tourist spots- train stations, markets, etc. Acts such as bag snatching, pick pocketing, and theft of & from vehicles are common in the place. 

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